The Idler's Workshop

My doll sets from #1 and shall continue to #100
(that is IF I get to make more).
Started: September 13, 2010.
Finished: ___________.
I am thinking of making all paper dolls featuring some kind of animal,
so I can transform the characters into my stories.
Okay. It turns out to be unfitting to use animals in all the sets,
so I will only use them whenever possible.
Bytheway, I collected many doll parts from the Internet, especially face/hair and legs.
But I am too lazy to make a collection of them.
Should you need to use them, look for the tag head, doll, leg.
My second doll was unfairly flagged cause it has a noose in it.
Seriously, a noose in a colorful paperdoll set is promoting self harm?
How illogical is that?

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