Iggota Bogey, daughter of the Bogeyman

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Iggota (Iggy) Bogey
Age: ...I...uh...um...approximately? About 1,600,000 nights, I think...
Parents: The Bogeyman and something that goes bump! in the night
Killer Style: I love, love, love layers! Most of my clothes are black so I blend in with the dark, but I like adding a splash of purple to everything. You could probably call my style prep school nightmare!
Freaky Flaw: Besides being in a constant state of levitating, my hair seems to have a mind of its own. I’ve caught it trying to wrap itself around other monsters before - you can’t imagine how embarrassing that is! I’m also afraid of the dark, which I guess is contrary to my nature... so don’t tell anyone, okay?
Favorite Food: human children... just kidding! I like bedtime snacks, which consist of chocolate chip cookies and warm milk for me!
Favorite Color: Shrieking violet. It lightens up my shadow-black wardrobe!
Pet Peeve: When people misbehave or act out of turn - I try to set them straight in the nicest way possible, of course! And dust bunnies - I hate it when people don’t clean under their beds.
Favorite Activity: Hanging out at the maul with my ghoulfriends and bloodies, not hiding under beds preparing to scare misbehaving human children.
Pet: a bugbear named Winnie the Boo
Favorite Subject: History of the Undead
Least Favorite Subject: Ge-ogre-pghy


Wrote two years ago
Ok. I was just wondering. lol.

Wrote two years ago
@huntxr ... although I think you'll likely be making your own characters, but just in case we'll wait to hear from Duck :)

Wrote two years ago
@huntxr Good question - I'm not 100% sure, maybe @ducktape can answer this?

Wrote two years ago
So for the rp, do we make our own characters, or are you making the character collections?


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