Ignis style.

Ignistians choose to wear dark jewel colors,especially shades of red,golden tones,black and a lot of jewerly;mostly out of gold and decorated with rubies,sapphires or emeralds.
Most of the high class women wear dresses made out of expensive silks with golden trimming,while the men choose to wear elegant suits with a regal feeling to it,their clothing usually being made from velvet,satin or (sometimes) leather.
The middle-class and the lower class,since they don't have the same resorces as the healthy residents of Ignis,choose to sew their clothing and they also sell it in the 'Emporium',a market place where people could sell goods as food or clothing in order to make money.
The women in Ignis must respect the following rules regarding dressing and the clothing items they sport,such as not wearing vulgar items,bright colors as neons or bubblegum pink,wear darker colors,but white and pastel shades are accepted,but accesorized with items that contrast with it,as golden items.

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