For my reference :) Pretty much just a list of items I now need (mainly because my previous one is either gone/too small/ruined etc.) Or I just want these items & never had them in the first place.
Also includes heaps of DIYs I've been intending to start & haven't yet.
I want to have *most* of these items by the time Autumn rolls around
BUY: 36
MAKE: 24


Wrote two years ago
That's not bad, you get a lot more non-uniform days than I thought you did - most uniform schools that I know of only have very few of those days. What is your school uniform/dress code?

Wrote two years ago
Thanks :) @mercimasada
On average, there is about 1 every term, so we have 4 terms & that means there are always at least 4. Some occasions mean that you may get to wear whatever you want (such as some excursions, programs like concerts/musicals & most things that allow you to get out of class). It usually means an added 2 days of free dress (sometimes more or less than that) which allows us to have about 6 days in a year where we can wear whatever - to a degree, of course. @jennycaterina

Wrote two years ago
Great selection! Thanks for sharing!

Wrote two years ago
Hahah, indeed. I've always wanted to, hopefully I will too. That's basically me 6/7 days of the week xD
How often is it a non-uniform day at your school, on average? c:
Nah, it's totally fine xD

Wrote two years ago
@jennycaterina hahaa, that is a problem. I've just wanted to perfect my style for a while now, hopefully I'll actually try harder with my clothes this year. I usually spend a bit of time picking my outfit & making sure I look relatively nice but there have been so many times where I've just been like "Bleeuuuggghhhh, whatever" & have just put on a pair of sneakers & whatever hoodie is the comfiest xD
We have a uniform at our school (almost all Australian schools do) & so there are only a few days a year when we get to wear something other than our uniform. It's hard picking an outfit which complies to requirements (the main one being closed shoes only - so no flats/sandals) which rules out most of my shoe options & so I end up (most of the time) wearing some sweatshirt & sneakers >.< which is annoying because that isn't' really my style; it's just my back-up clothing. So, the point for all this word vomit was to simply state the fact that I need this wardrobe of mine to be completed xD
Sorry for this ridiculous amount of writing; most of which is completely & utterly irrelevant.

Wrote two years ago
Haha c: I need a wardrobe clear-out but I can't because then I'd have nothing to wear haha. That's what I usually do when I make shopping lists on Polyvore. One of my resolutions is to perfect my wardrobe too :)

Wrote two years ago
@jennycaterina haha, yeahh, i do :p
No, but I've just had a MASSIVE wardrobe clear-out & so heaps of the clothes I found lurking in the depths of my cupboards were either now too small (especially my shoes; hence the amount of shoes in this collection), no longer something I would wear or I couldn't even find things, haha. Most of these items in this collection aren't completely necessary, but in here so next time I go shopping, I can keep my eyes open for similar items since I never remember what I'm looking for.
Same with the DIY projects I've thought about but never gone to start, that is what I want to finish this year, perfect my style :)

Wrote two years ago
I love your style & whoa you need a lot of stuff! It's cool how you're making some things though, I wish I knew how! :)


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