SA //

name // Caroline Adorlee Hadley
pronunciation // cara-line ador-lee had-ley
nickname (s) // n/a

age // sixteen years young
grade // sophomore

date of birth // the twenty second of October, one minute after midnight.

hometown // haverford, pa

nationality // American


appearance // { elsa hosk }

{ eyes }

Caroline's almond shaped, cerulean blue eyes are said to be bluer than the Caspian Sea, and glitter like jewels in the sunlight. Graced under perfectly arched heavenly-golden eyebrows, that have never been touched by any mortal.

{facial structure}

Caroline's cheekbones are inscribed high upon her flawless face, and kissed with a pastel pink blush. Her slender, ski-sloped nose sits elegantly atop her craved after features, almost too close to perfection to imagine. Her jawbone is delicately sculpted into the side of her
ethereal face, and looks as if it was carved by Phidias himself.

a beauty only few have ever beheld, her lips are a delicate, dainty pink and mimic a rosebud perfectly, opulent and sumptuous.


caroline's peaches-and-cream skin has never seen a blemish, and silkier than an Angel's downy wing.


Falling in soft, voluptuous waves past Caroline's lithe shoulders and down to her bronzed posterior, her glitter-pale golden blonde hair envies even Cinderella.

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caяσℓiηє adσяℓєє hadℓєy // clique
A small ding from my iPhone seems to radiate throughout the room, and I open my cerulean orbs, my eyelashes kissing my cheeks with each blink. I stretch in my white silk sheets, and swing my bronzed legs over the side of the King sized bed, my manicured toes finding my UGG slippers before the dreadful task of waking completely up. Finding my kimono, I slip it over my bombshell body, throwing my papaya scented locks over my slender shoulders, and begin the journey downstairs, tapping my nails on the banister with every step. Sauntering into the kitchen, I pour myself a mug of coffee, leaning my svelte hips against the marble counter and take my first sip.

Wrote one year ago

personality // caroline has been graced with a quite angelic, lovely, kindhearted nature. She's known to be a darling, charming and fair, yet is very exclusive and elegant, pretentious to those she doesn't believe deserves her time. She's regal and filled to her head with class, being well-mannered at the appropriate time. Once you get to know her, she's playful and charming, dancing around in her pajamas to cheer you up on a glum day. Cross her, and the ethereal girl vanishes and in her place stands a cunning, malicious beast who'll shatter your social status into a shattered mess of hopes and dreams.

biography //

As the crisp, autumn breeze kissed the roofs of sleepy, sprawling luxury estates in haverford, pennsylvania, glorious smiles perched atop the flawless features of Alessandra and Byron Hadley as they stared down at the angel that had been placed into their arms. You could hear the hushed, glowing tones of nurses rolling through the private hospital room talking of the newest addition to the famous Hadley family, who had arrived just one minuscule minute after midnight. A small, golden laugh broke the suppressed chatter as Caroline Adorlee Hadley greeted the world. From a young age, Caroline was always adorned with anything she could ever desire, from the pony every little girl dreams of to the fifth birthday party in Paris. But behind the luxe gifts and the extravagant parties, a secret held the family in terror, paralyzed the angelic laughs, and silenced the jubilee-filled talks about the latest business deal at the Country Club. A monster had been born in the eldest child, who held the perfect facade when in public, playing cards with the boys at the club, teaching his little sister how to ride a bike on the groomed lawns of the Hadley estate, and playing on Harvard's football team. He had grown into a substance abuser, who turned hauntingly violent when under the influence, but not recalling the terrifying acts he had committed. Caroline watched as her older brother terrorized her mother and her older sister when her father would be away on business trips, hitting them and threatening to kill them. This took a toll on Caroline, worrying what extent Heath would be willing to go to. Her parents sent her to Lockwell as they tried to cover the deadly secret that had petrified them for years, taking care that the meddling press would never find anything wrong with Main Line's oldest leading family.

family //
Byron Matthew Hadley {Father}, 44 years of age, head partner of the world's most successful law firm.

Alessandra Anabella Hadley {Mother}, 44 years of age, CEO of world-renowned fashion magazine

Heath Chadwick Hadley {Brother}, 20 years of age, Harvard attendee and substance abuser

Aislyn Alaiah Hadley {Sister}, 19 years of age, UPenn attendee

Alesia Anabella Hadley {Sister}, 14 years of age

Alaina Nicole Hadley {Sister}, 6 years of age

Callum Kenneth Hadley {Brother}, 4 years of age

secret // Remember oldest brother Heath? On one of his drunken rages, he fractured two of Caroline's mother's ribs, and broke Caroline's ankle by dragging her down the stairs after she threatened to call the police. Caroline had to go to therapy, physical and mental, after this incident, as she became terrified of her elder brother.

flaws // Caroline had trouble trusting boys, since the incident with her older brother, and in times of crisis, she tells the harsh truth, even if it means hurting some one else.


likes // the ocean, Ralph Lauren, succeeding, riding horses, reading, running, shopping, Tiffany blue, autumn, boys, rain, strawberry daiquiris, tanning, vacations to tropical places, beaches, sunshine.

dislikes // weaknesses, fake people, wannabees, thunderstorms, her brother.

hobbies // running, dancing, equestrian, reading, partying.

invite clique preference // kites
non-invite clique preference // peacocks
roleplay experience // three years

activeness // 9.5



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