i haven't rp'd in forever. i'll try to stay active. sorry for spamming mah followers.

fill in your model's fɑke student cɑrd ||
nɑme : claire hadley && matt moore
ɑge [ 15 - 17 ] claire - 15 matt - 17
model : aurora mohn && justin beebuh
second choice model : ariana grande && tomlinson bro
short bio : claire is a jock. soccer, ice hockey, basketball, you name it. she's also a big b.itch, and backstabber. she'd kill you to find out your secrets.

matt is seemingly sweet, however, once he's got the girl, he is a cheater, liar, and all around bad boy. steer clear of this lady killer, girls.
include the group's link :
& tɑg 1O friends to join & @nomieissoepic to ɑccept you ♥

{bro, I have like no friends who rp}

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