Okay, so this is how it looked in my head when the idea popped up. 

Elphie gets the feeling/Victoria telling her she needs to see something, she's in Disney or at the hotel, either way. 
Jump to - Elphie walking through a forest-type area just under/around the Hollywood sigh [you can't just find it though, you have to really be looking for it] but there are no houses/people/animals really around it & it's sort of creepy even though it's super sunny. She comes to a large clearing but it's still sort of shaded by large trees & she's not sure why but she knows it's where she's supposed to be. In front of her, on the ground, she notices a small headstone in the ground - it isn't fancy, but it's got a single name engraved on it - Elise. 
She kneels down, pushing some weeds away, though it looks oddly taken care of, even having flowers sprinkled around it growing out of the almost untouched earth. Something tells her to look up & when she does, the ghost of Elise is standing there, smiling as if she knows who Elphie is.
I see Elphie a little dirty from her trip through the forest but it's not muddy, mostly just dirt or dust from the desert-type area outside the forest.

Not much detail but in my head it's very specific, the top left picture is how the forest looks & the headstone is how hers looks, just not snowy. 
Hopefully this helped. Haha. 

-Juli <3
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