Proficient in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts of many forms.
High natural intelligence.
Accomplished Tracker.

Marcus became Hazel's Cepan when she was only 8 years old. Her father had passed the year before and the two formed a close bond over the years with Marcus as a father figure for Hazel. He pushed her hard once they were on Earth and she excelled. They both wanted to protect Lorien and were very focused on that goal. While they waited to return Marcus passed the time by becoming a doctor. They were able to move around if they wanted or stay put due to this. When Hazel's mom got sick they both returned to Lorien. Marcus was overjoyed to see his wife again and spent as much time as possible with her.When Hazel's fiance was sent away Marcus became irate and argued with the Elders. They chose to make Marcus an example and also sent his wife away without telling him where. Hazel & Marcus returned to Earth the same day her mother passed. Both were angry and determined to find their loved ones when they discovered Hazel was pregnant. After Katrina's birth they combed the planet for their loved ones with no success. They become tired and were offered positions at The School. It was there they discovered that Katrina was a Garde, at only 5 years old she had begun displaying small amounts of enhancements and telekinesis. While he enjoys his position at The School Marcus has never stopped looking for his wife and works in secret to find her and Hazel's Fiance

Garde, Cepan or Adult

The School {Location Undeclared}
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