July 12th- The producers will talk to us again. They say that the series isn't watched as much as it used to be.
Today, i meet the producers again. OMG, i hate them!
-So, Adri?
-So what, sir?
-I think you know what i mean, girl. Tell us, how are you now?
-I'm find.
- Ok - i continue - actually, i just started to talk with everyone in II
- We want you have a boyfriend! - one of them said
-What? But i can't
-So if you want go home..
-No, sir, i love II, i can't go home now. OK ok, i'll find my .. boyfriend soon.
- Wait a minute, why you want it? - i ask
- Adriana, Adriana, you're so naive. You, all of you, everyone in II, are in a series, and people watch it.
- OMG.....

and they go

what should i do now???
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