Wed. July 20th: A campfire is being arranged for us Isola members and a dangerous, possibly bloody, game of Truth or Dare will take place. Dress well...remember you're on international television!

"Truth or Dare... are we some children?", Alexandra snared as we went to the campfire. Lately, I'd been talking to this new girl. She seemed not that stupid and at least she had a little sense for fashion. Better than the rest.

"Maybe it'll be fun", I said, holding a piece of paper in my hands. It was for the whole group and the producers gave instructions for the game to us. I would have to read it out.

"So, what's up with you and the boys? Nobody on here?", Alex wanted to know and grinned. "Some are pretty cute, right? Some fun..."

"Ugh, nothing special, correct?", I mumbled and shrugged. 

"Biitch, please", Adriana, who'd caught up with us, meant. "To me it seemed like you already had an eye on someone. Before this little bit... I mean witch", she smiled, "put him under her spell."

Alex raised her eyebrows, but I tried to ignore the comment. This was history, the past. 
As we reached the bonfire, I sat down next to Kristina who smiled. Next to her, there was David. 

"Welcome", he greeted us. I nodded and looked down to the paper.

"Sooo...", I started, "this is a letter to us. I'll read it out now."

"Like you could even spell your own name", Belinda rolled her eyes. 

"I know how to spell Shut the fuuck up biitch. That should be enough", I responded sharply, a cute smile on my face. Some people inhaled loudly, others chuckled. 
"This is a game of Truth or Dare. We suppose you to know the rules. But this time, if you take Dare, you'll have to do some dangerous things, e.g. eating a murderous meal. It's all written at the bottom of this letter. The person who asks you for Truth or Dare choses what you'll have to do from the actions below. And if you take Truth, you need to turn the page. There are some suggestion so it doesn't get boring. The person who reads this out is the first one to chose. Please hand the letter over to the person at your right side. Have fun!"

I stopped and looked up to meet the others' eyes. All of them seemed quiet surprised.

"Let's start", I announced and passed the letter to Alexandra.

"Truth or Dare?", she asked me. 

I looked directly into her eyes. "Dare." I'd never tell the truth about me, no matter what.

She looked down at the page, then her eyes widened. "You have to walk over hot coal, barefoot."

I searched the place for the coals and right then, a place nearby was filled with light. I stood up and walked over to it. 

"You can't do this, Fleur", Raphael said as all of us stood beside the coals. "It's too dangerous for someone who isn't trained!"

"Hopefully", Belinda whispered so that only I could hear it.

"You're out if you don't do it", Adriana meant and she was damn right.

"Take my shoes and watch out for them", I tried to joke and handed them over to Alex.

"Are you stupid!?", Tristan said. "You really can't..."

"You don't know what I'm able of", I interrupted him and took the first step. It felt like my whole body would burn. The others gasped. I let out a loud cry, but I walked forwards.

"You can do it", Sven, surprisingly, encouraged me. The way itself wasn't that long, but it seemed like form here to the end of the world. I closed my eyes and then I started to run. I didn't know where I was and I nearly stumbled, but somehow, I managed to run the whole way without falling. I thought that my skin would fall off every second, but I kept running. This had to come to an end. And suddenly, I felt someone's arms around me. 

"Fleur, you finished it", I heard David's voice near my ear. He took me into his arms, I couldn't stand any longer. After some time, the tears ran down my red cheeks. 

"This is cruel", he stuttered. "Can someone take her? I'll take a look at her feet."

"No", I mumbled, nearly not able to breath. I felt other arms around me as David sat down.

"I'll take you to the house. We need to use a salve against the burns", he said after examining my feet. Nobody else had said anything. I opened my eyes. The others stood a bit away from me and all of them were frozen in shock.

"Come on Fleur, I'll lift you up now", David meant and took my carefully into his arms.

"Do you need help?" It was Raphael. He took a step forwards and looked at me. 

"No, she's easily to carry", David answered and walked away to the house. The whole time, tears kept falling down my cheeks. He mumbled things into my ear on our way to calm me down, I don't even know what he said. 

"Why do they do this? And why did you do it?", David wanted to know as soon as he'd vet my wounds. 

"I didn't want to leave", I started, but he interrupted me.

"Yes, that would have been sad." Another surprise today.

"And... I didn't want to look weak in front of all of you. But it was stupid. I should have taken Truth."

"I guess all of the others will take it now. But you... you have something... I mean", he stuttered.

"To hide? Maybe", I responded and looked directly into his eyes. He didn't look away. 

"It's a relief to be without cameras, right?", I blurted out. We were in the bathroom, one of the few rooms without any camera. 

"Yes, that's true. I don't even know how it is anymore", David meant and I nodded. "Do you think you can stand up again?"

"Nope", I shook my head. "Let me rest here, okay? You can go the bonfire again, I'll..."

"No way! I won't let you alone now. Let me sit don next to you, okay?", he said and sat down on the floor. Then he took my hand. "What you did today was really stupid, you know? But it was brave, too. I'd never thought that you'd be capable of something like this."

"I know", I simply said. "Nobody is. Not even myself."

David took my hand. "Don't do something that dangerous again, okay? I don't want you to..."

But he couldn't finish the sentence because Sven opened the door right then. "How are you?"

"Okay", I answered, a bit concerned about the interruption.

"You need to go back, I'm ought to take you", Sven meant to David. 

"I don't care whether I have to go. I'll stay as long Fleur needs me. She can barely sit like that."

"She must come back, too. We found another sentence in the letter. It says that you're not allowed to stay away from this, at least not longer than ten minutes. So please", he said and looked at me. 

"Let's go then", I nodded, but I had a feeling like I'd faint away the next second. 

"Cruel", Davdi mumbled between clenched teeth. He wanted to pick me, but Sven was faster. "I can take her, you must be exhausted, too."
And suddenly, I was already in his arms and he carried me to the bonfire, David behind us.
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