Name:Kate Levine
Parents: Rachel & Logan Levine
Boyfriend/Girfriend:(optional)Cory Nimblestone
-costume parties
-Vintage Jewelry
-Winter clothes
-Telling stories
-Charms class
-Baking {especially souffles}
-Trivia games
-Being Clumsy
-ignorant people
-Catty girls
-Rainy days
-Being pale
-People cheating off her
-Pixie cuts
-Rock music
More info:Kate is a happy girl, but hates popular girls and ditxy girls and blondes. She's very social and tells jokes alot. She is kind of nerdy and refuses to wear her glasses. She is often mistaken for a Weasley and it drives her nuts but she loves her red hair. She and Cory have been dating for almost a year and she thinks he's pretty nifty. She gets along well with her parents and has recently convinced them to finally get her a cat and to let her bring Cory home for Christmas. She uses Sarcasm as a defense mechanism.
Model:Jane Levy

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