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  • Iittala Fireplace
    Iittala Fireplace
    The winner of the 2009 Fennia Prize, Fireplace is a modern take on an open fire. By taming wild flames and bringing them indoors, it creates a cosy setting where storytelling takes the stage.
  • Iittala - Fireplace
    Iittala - Fireplace
    Iittala presents a completely new product with the fireplace by Ilkka Suppanen – a fireplace for inside of the house. With this fireplace you can bring a comfortable fireplace inside of the house, completely without wood and a chimney. You can place the fireplace wherever you want. With its size, the fireplace can also be placed on tables or commodes. The fire creates a pleasant light everywhere, as well as a comfortable atmosphere. The fire burns inside of the bent glass panel and inside of a metal bowl. This is why it is saved and protected. The mythic and wild fire is controlled inside of the fireplace and only available for you, as relaxation pole, to inspire you in your own four walls. Fireplace is powered with bio-ethanol and burns scent-free as well as without carbon! The concept Bioethanol refers to only 100% ethanol or denatured ethanol. More details: Design: Ilkka Suppanen. Material: Glass, steel. Measurements: H 38 cm , L 43 cm. For indoor use only. Only use with a minimum safety distance of 0.5 m from walls, curtains, roof ceilings, as well as other inflammable materials as for example candles. Place on a horizontal and resistant surface. Keep away from the reach of children and pets. Not to be used as heater or cooking item. The exterior surfaces get hot, the risk o burns because of touching while it is on. Do not place on windy and hot places or on windowsills or near other electronic devices. The minimum room size is 25 m² or a room content of 60 m³
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