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  • Iittala Dinnerware, Teema White Teapot
    Iittala Dinnerware, Teema White Teapot
    With a minimalist design and unparalleled durability, the Teema teapot makes prepping and serving hot drinks a cinch. Featuring timeless white porcelain by Kaj Franck for Iittala. White. Porcelain.
  • iittala Teema Teapot in White
    iittala Teema Teapot in White
    The Teema collection is based on familiar and basic shapes – a circle, a square and a rectangle. Kaj Franck found them simply irresistible, and spent his time reducing all that was excessive, until only the essential remained. Honored in design museums around the world, the original, unconventional tableware features ultimate combinability that is limited only by your imagination. All Teema pieces are produced in white, blue and black. This year select pieces are offered in the accent colors of turquoise, terracotta and pearl gray. Use these accent colors to enhance the look of your existing collection. These fashion colors change annually and are rarely brought back into production. Teema's possibilities are endless. Designed by: Kaj Franck, 1952 Features: Teema collection. Traditional style. Oven safe. Microwave safe. Freezer safe. Dishwasher safe. 6.25" Tall. Capacity: 1 qt.
  • Iittala - Teema Teapot with Lid
    Iittala - Teema Teapot with Lid
    The teapot with its lid is part of the Teema dishes series by Kaj Franck and Iittala. It presents itself in a timeless original design out of the year 1952 and can be combined with every tea or coffee cup without any problems. Simple elegance and versatility are the characteristics that make Kaj Franck’s Teema to one of the most desired services in Scandinavia, and that also characterize the teapot. It renounces decoration and ornaments and it is exceptionally reduced to the essential. Sphere, square and rectangle are the basic forms that have already fascinated the ancient Greeks and that also were fascinating to Kaj Franck so that he made it a theme for Teema. Kaj Franck initially designed the Teema teapot to serve coffee. Despite the development of this pot with a capacity of 1 liter to a teapot, it is still ideally adapted to serve coffee or other hot drinks. That is how the pot with lid closes a gasp in the Teema collection from Iittala and allows the serving of hot drinks in the beloved Teema design.
  • iittala Teema Teapot - White
    iittala Teema Teapot - White
    Iittala Teema dinnerware was designed by Kaj Franck in the 1952. The idea was simple -- find the object's simplest form so it can be used in multiple ways. Every piece in the collection fits with every other piece. Teema also combines effortlessly with other patterns and dinnerware sets. It's the ultimate mix-and-match system to give you more options for every occasion. Teapot measures 10.5" x 5" x 6.25" and holds 1qt. Freezer, microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe porcelain. Iittala continues to be a major force in Scandinavian design. Their mission to create lasting design against throwawayism is reflected throughout their collection. They make it easy to choose objects that will last in design and quality and will bring us continual pleasure in our everyday lives.
  • iittala Teema Teapot
    iittala Teema Teapot
    Practical, functional and elegant, the iittala Teema Teapot is just as beautiful as when it was first designed in 1952. Designed by Kaj Franck Dimensions: 6.25'' high (1 qt).
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