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♛ The Aardvark:
Kat Radke
If you want to be seen with anyone in the group, then it's Kat. The reason is because she will genuinely be nice to you and not stab you in the back the moment you leave. She moved from Britain in the eighth grade and at first The Group was reluctant to let her hang out with them, but her skills to catch gossip so quickly convinced them otherwise. Unlike her friends you'll /never/ hear Kat swear or get mad at anyone. She's fun, unpredictable and utterly spontaneous, at times her highly peppy attitude can annoy people and her clumsiness makes her come across as a ditz at times, not to mention her Sima like problem of talking without thinking. There's a reason why she's been trying so hard to win the hearts of the masses though, something to do with all the trouble she cooked up last year with her best friend Sabrina and all those detention notices she got. She's trying to prove to the staff that she's not that scandalous girl she was last year. Due to her overly excited attitude she hates awkward moments and tends to break them. Like all aardvarks, Kat is indecisive, meaning once she starts something she tends to not finish and also likes flying solo rather than being tied down (commitment problem?). Remember though, aardvarks only come to life at night, this aardvark especially.
suggested model: Anabela Belikova (blonde haired)
sport: dance team
family legends: Taylor Radke, first year student at UCLA, former Dance Team captain. family status: beyond affluent relationship status: single, but not looking, even though many of the guys have their eyes on her.
TAKEN: istylista

Top 3:
1. Kat
2. Kat
3. Kat (This is only because I created her character)

Story soon :)

“Sabrina!” I yelled, as I was fixing my red leopard hat on my head. It just would not fit right. I tilted it sideways, I tried everything. So far, nothing was working. “Sa-bri-na!” I said for the second time, “Let go of Adam for a second.”

She finally let go of Adam, her longtime boyfriend and mumbled an apology. I secretly thought to my self, /She should be sorry, she never lets Adam go/. Those two are stuck to each other all the time. You'd think it's cute, but after a while, it's just nauseating. 

"What's the matter, Kat?" After she waved goodbye to Adam and walked over to me. We were standing in the school hallway. Conveniently, there was a mirror on one wall and I was staring at it. Inconveniently, I was not happy with that I saw.

"My hair." I sighed, "Like literally, I hate summer! Summer school is so not for me, at least, not for my hair. It's making it all wiry and poofy. This hat doesn't even look good on me."

Sabrina smiled. "It's not the heat's fault, it's the hat's fault. Red leopard print has never complimented you, Kat, no offense." Immediately, I threw the hat on the floor. Maybe someone outside of The Group might find it and sell it on eBay for $300 or something. After it's been on my head, it's worth a lot more. Everybody knows that.

"Look, I'd love to stay and help you with your bad hair day problems, but class is starting and I don't want to be left out of anything." she made a fake-pout face like she was literally sorry for me and then she ran to her class. Class. Of course. I ruffled my hair a little and tilted my head to the side. Maybe the messed-up look is coming back. After I checked my reflection once more, I rushed to my class. History. 

Once I walked in, I saw Sima Q and Arabella Crane chatting it up. Just as I was walking over to them, I tripped on my heels and fell backward. Just my luck. At least I was wearing /shorts/. This caused a huge commotion in the whole class. The History was not pleased, to say the least. I was still sprawled across the floor, trying to fumble and get up. I finally saw a tall, large figure come up to me and offer it's hand. How nice. I stood up and regained my balance. Great way to make a first impression to the teachers. The teachers probably still think I'm /that/ girl...from last year... who..caused scenes on purpose. My clumsiness is not on purpose, though.I put my focus back on the person who helped me up.

"Thanks," I said, snapping back into Good Girl mode. "That was so nice of you." I smiled my stunner smile. It was a he. He looked familiar. Oh, he was one of the guys from The Group. I never really talk to him. But I know him...gosh, what's his name? 

"No problem," he smiled back. "Are you okay, Kat?"

"Never been better." 

What is his name?! I thought.

"I'm Henry," he said, as if reading my mind. "You forgot, didn't you?"

"No, never!" I lied, "I just tripped, you know, I'm still taking it all in. Thanks again, Henry."

"Gosh, I love that accent." He said. Of course. My accent. Another reason why all the guys are trying to talk to me or get my number. Even though I came from Britain a few years ago, my accent was still obvious. 

The History teacher stopped our little conversation. "Back to your seats, lovebirds." 

Lovebirds? What?! I barely even know the guy... I walked over to the teacher, instead going to my seat. I put on my plastic smile and said, "You look exceptionally handsome today, Mr. Hayes." I winked. I couldn't help myself... with that, I walked back to my seat. I knew all the eyes were on me even though Sima and Arabella were in the room. But that's who I am. Charming, nice, flirty, that's just me. I worked my magic and I got what I want. I hope the rest of the summer will be the same way...

Until Sima Q leaned over in her chair and tapped my shoulder. "What's with the hair? Can you say Frizzy-much?"

Way to ruin my first day of summer school. 


[I know it's long, sorry, I was just so inspired!] 

Do I have a storyline planned?
-Yes, of course ♥ It has to do with Henry even though Kat doesn't like him that much. Also, I thought it was clever to make him a Cheetah, since she came to Kat's rescue the fastest.
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