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name: Grace Milton 
age: 20
birthday: February 15th
quote or lyric to describe you character : "Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves." - JM Barrie
likes: Statement jewellery, her hair, nostalgia, surprising people, laughing, being prepared, looking smart, travelling, the news, nighttime, intelligent conversation, stationary.
dislikes: People who , uncontrollable giggling fits, hysterics in general, sports, oversleeping, overpriced anything, the beach, frantic last minute studying, chaos, being alone.
major: International Relations 
bio: Grace is a bit of an odd girl, well not odd exactly but quite unusual, it’s almost like she has two sides to her. You’ll either find her strutting around campus without a hair out of place or holed up in her room, hair dishevelled and pen through her ponytail, though generally how much work she has to do influences which one you’re going to come across. Grace is a bit of a procrastinator but she’s damn smart and focused, she just gets sidetracked often. Grace has a bit of a craving for human company and absolutely hates being alone for extended periods of time, especially in public - there isn’t really any deep-seated trauma in her past that lead to it or anything it’s just how Grace is and has been for as long as she can remember, though she remains pretty subtle about it. Grace is an extremely independent and stubborn girl otherwise and isn’t afraid to call other people on their bs, though in the politest way possible. She cares for everyone around her, and is constantly trying to help everyone around her though can be prone to fits of violent temper and sarcasm directed at anyone who comes into contact with her. Otherwise Grace is just the usual university student, prone to procrastinating deadlines, having fun, hyperactive fits and of course the odd bad decisions thrown in for luck
model: Elizabeth Olsen

Storyboard; http://www.polyvore.com/told_you_to_be_patient/set?id=57823231

Collection; http://www.polyvore.com/grace_milton_gth/collection?id=1850849


“Is dad out?” was the first thing I asked Joe, as he opened the door to the apartment he shared with dad for me. I was staying with them for the three weeks before college started back up again.

“You know he is.” Joe replied with a role of his eyes, taking some of the shopping bags that were basically falling out of my arms. Cody had taken me shopping for new school stuff today, but had left to get ready to go out with dad.

“Well I knew he was going out.” I entered into the house, shutting and locking the door behind me as Joe made his way through to the spare room I was currently staying in, “I just didn’t know if he’d gone out yet.” I added, following behind him.

“Well yes then.” Joe nodded, setting the bags down in the corner of my room, “He left about half an hour ago,”

“Oh good.” I smiled happily, leaning down to pull my boots off, “That means no healthy food tonight.” I wrinkled my nose at the thought. I didn’t mind healthy food but I was a college student - I was used to living of take-out and not the organic crap dad insisted on us eating most of the time.

“That’s right.” Joe nodded eyeing my bags speculatively. I gave him like a minute until he asked what was in them, or more likely just started searching him.

“So what are we going to eat tonight?” I asked, setting the shoes carefully on the shoe-rack, “Take-out?” I asked hopefully.

“Way ahead of you Gracie.” He laughed, leaning down to start riffling through my bags. That must be a new record for him, how quickly he got down to it, “Chinese is already on it’s way.”

“You’re awesome.” I told him earnestly, shrugging out of my blazer before rifling through my wardrobe until I found the lovely cashmere sweater Cassie had sent me earlier this week.

“I know I’m awesome, I’m the best.” He said, straitening up, “You bought nothing interesting.” 

“I bought books and clothes, they’re plenty interesting.” I pointed out, sitting on the edge of my bed and watching him.

“Not to me.” He wrinkled his nose, like I’d done earlier.

“No, I suppose not to you.” I agreed, swinging my legs backwards and forwards. 

“Hmm.” He hummed in agreement before we lapsed into silence that was totally comfortable, as he made his way over to lie on the bed next to me.

“Hard day?” I asked sympathetically, running my fingers through his hair.

“No.” He said, “Tomorrow will be a hard day.”

“Oh,” I shrugged, continuing my motions for a few more minutes before I spoke again, “Well I think I can talk dad into pizza. I’m very persuasive.” I grinned

“Oh, take-out two nights in a row.” He said dryly, sitting up to wrap an arm around my shoulder, “I am a spoiled one.”

“Yes you are.” I nodded, before standing up and pulling him with me, as the doorbell rang, “I bet that’s food. Go get it I’m starving.”

“Yes you’re majesty.” He rolled his eyes, walking out of the room.

I put a few things away before making to follow him out, which was when I noticed he’d taken my wallet.

“You idiot.” I huffed, stomping out to glare at him just as he was shutting the door on the delivery guy.

“I paid last time.” He shrugged, not even bothering to deny he’d paid with my money.

“You ordered this time.” I rolled my eyes, sitting on the couch and crossing my arms with a pout.

“Don’t have a hissy fit.” He laughed, making his way to the kitchen to grab two sodas. Sodas I know hadn’t been there this morning, and my favourite type.

“I’m not.” I said, letting my face soften because whatever I would have offered anyway, “But I get to choose the movie.” I added pettily snatching my food and a soda from him.

“I’ve already put Star Trek in.” He smiled at my smugly. Idiot. “Though this time let’s not have a running monologue about homoerotic subtext between Chris Pine and Karl Urban.

“I hate you.” I muttered into my drink. I’d only made one comment last time anyway.

“No you don’t.” He smiled at me more genuinely this time, and I found myself smiling back, until he opened his mouth again, “No one else can deal with your crap like me.”

Done, which means last tag for this you guys @ingrid @chrissykinz @vicks and @sarahstardom. Just need a quote now. Also not so sure about this story because do they come across more like a couple than siblings? not so sure. but damn i want to start writing for her now :)
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