switch to mtv so they can teach me how to dougie - bruno mars ♥

so, this is my first proper set in years.
i have news.
its snowed. 
basically it was like big white bricks falling from the sky.
it was so sudden.
i looked out the window, and i was like 'oh hey thur snow blizzard' 
i've been listening to lotsa bruno mars lately.
why, i hear you ask.
i'll tell you why,
because bruno mars iz ma homie 4 lyf.
no im joking.
because his music makes me happy.
and i was especially happy when i went to hollister in westfield last weekend and saw his album sitting niceley on the counter.
because its meant to come out in england on the 26th of january - yes i memorised the date- and i saw it there and i got a bit over excited and bought it.
and then i got home and i was holding the cd just staring into its gorgeous case and i dropped it and it broke into two pieces.
and i was like :| 
not impressed.
wellll, bye for now.
don't hesitate to talk to me.
im up for a chat anytime.
byee ♥
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