2014/01/26 Good Morning Sunday girls~
[To escape from Korean things this time]

Long time no see Yamapi on my page

"i got a feeling" and no one know ?

Yamapi popular ship around the co-stars 
such as YamaKi [Yamapi+Maki]
YamaSami [Yamapi+Masami]
YamaGaki [Yamapi+Aragaki]
YamaNana [Yamapi+Nana]
as much as YamaKi strike on top load of fans ship them so much since Kurosaki era i can't find them has sth called chemistry esp Maki sounded like hard to get,always that innocence and i feel hmmm girl =-=

AND me shipping YamaRika so hard 
BUT how sad in reality Erika had BF and her style never come closer to JE's boys and once she did joking during interviewed that she only can be supporting actress for JE's idol idk why J-production never ship JE's idol with Erika look at Code Blue Erika can be only doctor team no love line with Yamapi Yep,YamaGaki again that time and in Nobuta she is Kame's GF and in Hana Yori Dango she is bitc* for MatsuJun and ever been younger sister for Nino and Ryo recent drama summer nude once again Erika is one side love for Yamapi who played as her friend *dang* fan girl never enough since i admired so much Erika deserved lead actress with JE's idol.Erika saying to her model friend who co star with Yamapi on recent drama *insert smirks @color-me-red haha<3 i got a feeling to Erika today love her so much 
well that he always end up with her friends [recent drama on public broadcast]

I just set my high hope next drama pls YamaRika become true she also single these days craving them to date date.

Why do i look like i talking alone haha<33 never mind.
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