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JACKSON IS BACK! Gah. I cannot wait to start writing for him again with new events and everything, but first is this story, which is a collab-ish with @emmylou. My last collab with her ever, her last collab with anyone ever, her last RP story, her last SET EVER. Em and I had the BEST time discussing Eli and Jackson and Mik drama (Jackjayjah) and we planned out so much. It's literally so sad to see Emily leave, but I wish her all the best because she is an amazing writer and person and my side of the story doesn't even compare to her Eli one. Eli will live on forever in my Jackson stories, but for now, here's the Jackson story to Emily's last Eli one :''))

Vegas. What a freaking bust. Eli was a complete d-ck the entire time, the guys went to all the gay casinos, not the real man ones, and Nina and Billie barely talked to me, probably because of my pushing Eli in the pool. I mean what the h-ll? I didn’t get laid once, the whole week we were there. I was seriously p-ssed.

Good thing we were back in Chicago, and there was a certain girl who had definitely missed a little Jackson de la Baar action. Her texts had been nearly the only thing keeping me from ditching Vegas early. That and the Jay-Z concert because that guy was kicka-s.


So I’m in the neighborhood…

I sent her the text, even though I was only a few blocks from the penthouse. It wouldn’t take me long, considering I sped the streets easily and there wasn’t much traffic since everyone was supposed to be at work. Right. Work. I should’ve probably been there. Mom had called my phone seven times since I’d gotten back, but I’d ignored all of them. I was never in the mood to talk to her. I think she specially reserved her b-tchy side for me. 

When I pulled up in front of her house, I could already tell she wasn’t there. Her car was gone, the lights were off, and her annoying as h-ll neighbors were blasting some kind of folk dance crap loudly next door, clearly enjoying the fact that she was gone. I went to dial her number, but then someone else was already calling me. It was one of Eli’s friends, some guy who I’d met once or twice at the bar. Something-or-other Forbes. Why the h-ll was he calling me? If he was the gay one calling for some kind-of freak booty call, I was beating the b-stard up.

“Yeah?” I brought the phone to my ear, turning the keys back into the ignition. 

“Jackson?” the guy said, whomever the h-ll he was. “It’s Dalton Forbes.”

“Right, hey man…” I said slowly. I was pretty sure Dalton wasn’t the gay one. 

He cleared his throat, sounding like a dead horse or something. “Look, I shouldn’t be the one telling you this, but Eli’s already at the hospital so--”

“Wait, hospital?” 

“Mikayla and Lila got in an accident.” He said simply. “They’re at Mercy, the ER. Eli told me to call you.”

I couldn’t say anything. So I just hung up. And stared at the steering wheel for a few seconds before I squealed the tires, made an illegal U-turn, and went straight for Mercy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I wasn’t used to hospitals. And everyone around me could tell. I’d ran erratically inside, parking the Audi completely crooked in a spot that might’ve been handicapped but I wasn’t paying attention. But when I’d gotten inside, there were just all these staring faces turned toward me and I was overwhelmed with a p-ss smell mixed with hand sanitizer. Everyone watched me as I went straight for the front desk, my steps heavy. 

“Mikayla Stratford, and Lila Jameson. Where are they?” I breathed. 

The woman, gray and wrinkly, glanced up at me. She’d probably been working there for her whole boring life. “One moment, please.”

I didn’t have a godd-mn moment. I started past her, toward some swinging white doors, and the eyes followed me. She stood up, glaring at me. “Sir, only family is allowed back there.”

“I am godd-mn family,” I snapped, pushing through the doors and realizing how close to the truth that was.

Lila called me Uncle. I’d known Eli for eight years. I’d known Mik for nearly ten. If I wasn’t family, I didn’t know what the h-ll I was anymore. My real family, Aaron and Mom, they didn’t care about me. I hadn’t seen Aaron and Natalia since Christmas, and that was just on Skype. Mom hated me with a burning passion, though she’d never admit it. But we knew. And Dad had never liked me much either. But Eli and Mik and Lila. It felt weird. But they were as close to me as anyone, especially Eli. The b-stard was being a jack-s, but at that moment, when I rounded the corner and found Lila laying on a bed in a small room, I knew all the stupid things we had both done to each other didn’t even matter anymore.

She had some cuts. And a purple cast on her little arm. But she seemed okay. She beamed when she saw me, because I was her real uncle, maybe not by blood, but by the way she looked at me and the way I looked back at her.

“Uncle Jackson!” she squealed. I rushed to the bed so she wouldn’t try to get up, and kissed her forehead. 

“Hey, how’s my favorite little girl?” It killed me how mushy and weird I sounded when I was around her. But it always seemed right. “You okay?”

“I was just sleeping a little,” Lila told me, her eyes drooping slightly. I stared at her cuts, which weren’t so bad, but they looked out of place on someone so young. And her arm, in a cast and in sling, looked immobile. It looked like it hurt, but they had probably given her a lot of medicine. “The nice nurse ladies told me Mommy was okay. I hope they’re not lying.”

My throat closed up like a fool, and I swallowed down a lump. “I’m sure she’s okay. Your Mommy is so strong, you know that? She’s going to be just fine.”

“How do you know?” Lila peered up at me, her eyes watering. 

I sighed, letting her hold onto my hand as I tried to come up with a good answer. I didn’t know. I didn’t know if Mik would be okay. I didn’t even know /if/ she was okay. She was probably worse off than Lila, or else Eli would’ve been in there with me. I knew he was with Mik. I knew I was there with Lila, because I was supposed to be the one telling her everything would be okay, even when everything was always screwed up.

“I know because…” I paused, racking my brain for anything. Whatever I said would sound corny, and it would sound wrong coming from me, but Lila didn’t know better. “Because your Daddy would never let anything bad happen to her.”

Lila scrunched up her nose. “Daddy wasn’t with us when we got hurt,” she said quietly.

“Yeah he was,” I said, leaning down close to her. “He’s always there.”


“Right there,” I replied, pressing a finger to her heart. She giggled, grabbing my hand. I smiled too, feeling completely out of place yet being exactly where I needed to be. I had been an a-shole too, and maybe if I could just see Mik and know that she was okay, maybe let her have her space, tell Eli I wouldn’t even kiss her if he didn’t want me to. Though that would be a d-ck move. But I needed to make sure she was okay. I needed Eli to see me too, because he needed to know that I was there for them, but I was there for him too. He was more of a brother than Aaron had ever been or would ever be.

Lila was still smiling when her eyes started to close again, and I shuffled backward out of her room, watching her to make sure her monitor wasn’t going to do something crazy. Then I started down the hall, looking for Mik. I passed by a room, and there was Eli, blocking my view. But I could tell she was right there, talking to him. I could picture her, all beat up, and I turned away. I walked back to a bench, covered in who knows what, probably germs of now-dead people, and sat down, looking like a loser. 

A woman passed by, carrying flowers and dressed in a tight white skirt. I caught myself staring after her, wondering if she was wearing a thong or nothing at all. I needed to stop that. I realized stuff like that was why Eli and I were acting like this, why he hated me. I was such a jacka-s, and most of the time I didn’t even care.

Hospitals were depressing, I decided. And they were like h-ll. You either were waiting to see if someone was okay, or going to see if someone was dead yet who wasn’t okay, or maybe some other happier things, but it all seemed d-mn rotten to me.

I glanced up, after maybe ten minutes had gone by, thinking maybe I’d just go in and see Mik. I didn’t care if Eli was in there with her. I needed to see her. 

But then Eli was there, walking toward me. A smirk crept across my face, and I could help it. Because that was just it. All those people in the waiting room, all those strangers staring at me like I didn’t practically own this city, all those people judged me without knowing me. Eli judged me, but he had a right to, and he put up with all my crap, even when years ago he could’ve just stopped and left me to go do my own thing. But he hadn’t. We’d done all kinds of crazy crap together. He always had me to complain about Mik to, or me to drive him around when his car was in the shop. He always had me, like a real brother.

The lucky b-stard. 

He looked worn out, but then he grinned, just a little bit. “So, you’re the De la Baar.”

I stood up, smirking at the way he recalled our first conversation, back in Manhattan, back in high school detention, and I was the rich b-tch who always did something stupid and he was the one who wasn’t supposed to be there. “Why, do you want an autograph?” I asked, just the same way I had those eight years ago.

He laughed. “Nah, I’m good.”

Then it got like that dead quiet, and he ducked his head, toeing the tile. “So, uh Dalton got a hold of you then.”

“Yeah.” I looked past him. “Is she… How is she?”

He stared back at me, his eyes red. “She asked about you,” he admitted. 

I forced myself not to retort with something dirty. “So she’s okay?” 

“Not as good as Lila, but yeah. She’s okay,” he told me. Then he put a hand on my shoulder, making me stay in place, not letting me go see her. “Jackson, we both know you’ve been an a-shole, but just you being here says a lot.”

“What, you think I wouldn’t come?” I snapped involuntarily. “You think I’m that heartless that I wouldn’t come?”

He sighed loudly. “Are you trying to apologize?”

“Well if that counts, sure,” I said, smiling. He shook his head, pushing a hand through his hair. “Dude, even if it wasn’t Mik and Lila, I would be here. You can’t do this all alone.”

“Now who’s the p-ssy,” he chuckled.

“Shut the h-ll up or I’ll put you in one of these rooms.”

“Right.” He looked away, back toward where Mik was. “I think the doctors are done. You can probably go in.” 

I didn’t say anything right away, I didn’t move, I just stood there, eyeing him. His hand dropped away from my shoulder. He slowly blew out a breath. “I told her, you know. Maybe it won’t make a difference, but I told her.”

I blinked. “Good for you, man,” I said, just because it had taken him four long a-s years to actually tell her he loved her, even though it had always been at the tip of his tongue. “She needed to hear that.”

“Yeah, she did.” He smiled a little, thinking about something shared between them, something I didn’t know about, and then he looked back at me. “Thanks for coming, Jackson.”

“Yeah, well Lila was happy to see me too,” I told him, shrugging. “I do what I can.”

He laughed again, starting past me. “I think we’re okay now.”

“So you forgive me for all my sins, Father?” I joked. “Look, I don’t have to go in and see Mik…” I drifted off, hoping he’d fill in. 

“No, you should,” he said with a nod. “She needs you, too.”

Then he disappeared down the hall, peeking his head in on Lila. She was probably still asleep, so I saw him turn down another hallway, toward the cafeteria. I knew he wouldn’t leave, not until they both got discharged, and maybe I wouldn’t leave either. He’d need someone to talk to besides all the crazy wide-eyed people here with their cheap sticks up their a-ses.

I walked into Mik’s room cautiously, looking at her heart monitor, the IVs, how badly she looked. But she still looked beautiful, and when her eyes fluttered open at the sound of my footsteps, they were as blue as they always had been. She hadn’t changed.

“I knew you’d come,” she said in a soft voice, trying to sit up. I sat down at the edge of the bed, cursing myself for not just sitting in the chair.

“Well between you and me,” I whispered, putting a hand to one side of my mouth, “I think after this I’m checking myself into the psychiatric ward upstairs.” 

This got her to laugh, if only for a few seconds. “Why would you need to do that?”

“I think I’m going insane…” I smirked. “Because I think I’m a doctor, and I have to examine every inch of you.” I touched her leg, lightly, and could feel her shiver under the sheet.

“That’ll never get old,” she smiled. “Dr. De la Baar. Got a nice ring.”

“Would you rather have Dr. Jameson?” I blurted, just because it was killing me, wondering what she thought now that Eli had finally told her he loved her. Now that it was out in the open, hanging over our heads.

She pursed her lips, eyes closing slightly. “I’ll let you know.” And despite the bandage on her head, the wraps all over her, the bruises and all the drugs coursing through her, she was still teasing me, still taunting me, and I knew at that moment, that everything would work out, some way or another.

Until then I’d just wait, doing what I did best: being the one and only Jackson de la Baar.

[PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU READ PLEASE. This story showcases the soft side that Jackson really does have, deep down haha. Anyway, tagging the CF girls: @wakeupfarah @vicks @oscar-wilde @nifty-nikki @alycat @suchawasteofayoungheart @b-a-r-b-a-r-a @wishes-and-dreams and the girls who read my Jackson stories: @vogueapparel @istylista :))]
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