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I haven't written random crap on my set for a while so I might just do that now, haha :)

I've realised I can't sit cross legged any more, my right leg just goes numb within the first 5 minutes - it's very uncomfortable :(

I now have 2 A* & 3 A's & 1 B! I'm halfway through my GCSE's and wooh, I'm proud of myself :D
Though now I'm stressing out about college applications ... I don't know if the one I want to go to will accept so what other colleges should I look at .. things like that are bugging me at the moment. 

My friends are all so chilled. I'm a bit of a worrier.
It's an annoying trait.

Ah, my leg's gone numb again. 

I am currently listening to Shiver by Coldplay - the most awesome amazing brilliant genius band in the world. 

Ok, bye! :)

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