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So sorry if I offended anyone in the group Polyvore Class Act I was deleted by the moderator for,using this pic in the set as she had complaints from group members saying t violated polyvore rules and the rules of the group.. I did not see that certain body parts were showing. I work on a small laptop and it is hard, especially in my old age, to see the pics really well so I totally missed it. I covered it up but apparently when you scroll over you can still see it it what I was told. . I was taken out of the group for entering this and I truly feel bad about that.However, after initially writing this I see that Polyvore selected a top set with this very same picture and as well the same picture was in a set promoted by Nars. So I am unsure if I did or did not violate any of polyvore rules. But to get a slew of private messages from her today was uncalled for. I am not sure why I am getting harassed but I am not happy. This is a fun site and I enjoy it but I do not enjoy getting a dozen messages, one was enough and I said I was sorry. I had to finally block her so she would stop sending them. Please people this is for fun and many of us are suffering from dsabilities such as myself and it gives me real enjoyment. If you have a problems with any of my sets, I am sorry, please do not send me a half a dozen emails. Take care and have a wonderful weekend! 
So if you like it great if not thats ok too. Hugs and have a wonderful weekend!!!
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