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THIS STORY IS OBNOXIOUSLY LONG, I APOLOGIZE. I TRIED TO INCLUDE EVERYONE SO THAT'S WHY SOME CHARACTERS ARE MENTIONED MORE THAN OTHERS. also, pls tell me if i portrayed your character correctly, I tried to cross check everyones' stories to make sure they lined up. okay. well. sorry again that this is a mini War and Peace.

Welcome back students, today is the first day at Beacon Hills High School, or as some of you like to call it your own personal hell. There are many new faces in the crowd today, and some all too familiar ones. Either way, for most of you this is a fresh start, maybe your the new kid trying not to be noticed, or have reinvented yourself over the summer. The mood in the air is different this year though, the normal buzz of the first day of school has changed. A memorial for Melony Williams has been put up, and there is talk of a curfew that might soon be enforced. Students are anxious, whether they are in the dark about beacon hills supernatural activity or not, no one knows how exactly Melony died. 

- - -

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Corinthians, chapter thirteen, verses four through seven," my mother said, opening her eyes. My brother and I nervously fidgeted in our seats, waiting for my mother to signal that we could eat. She did, and I immediately took a bite of my apple. "Gosh, Catherine, what did I say about eating apples?" My mother spat.

I sighed and walked over to the trash and threw it out. "It's the food of temptation and the Devil," I murmured, sitting back down across from her. She nodded in agreement, cutting into her omelet. 

"Do you need a ride to school this morning? Is it an early day?" My brother asked. He was obviously looking for an excuse to leave the house early to get away from my mom, but I shook my head.

"Um, actually, I'm good. Fox is giving me a ride to school," I said. My eyes instantly widened because I had remembered that my mom didn't like any of my friends, due to the fact that none were as religious as she.

"Your brother will be taking you, Catherine," she started, "I don't want you to be tainted by Fox's rock music. Rock and roll is the work of Satan, himself." 

"Well, I retract my statement. I got confused for a moment and meant to say yes, Spencer, I do need a ride this morning," I deadpanned, giving him a pleading look.

"Okay, we'll leave in ten minutes, will that be alright?" Spencer asked, understanding what I really meant.

"That should be perfect," My mother said. "I have to go to Bible study this morning, and then I have work and evening mass, so I should be back around eight," she added, finishing her breakfast.

"Wonderful, have a great day, mother," Spencer said as we both said a quick grace and left the table.

- -

"Fox," I said, concerned, looking over at him above my sunglasses. I had set down my book for a moment because he had been doing the growling thing again.
Like myself, he had an extremely low tolerance for our fellow peers at Beacon Hills High, but, unlike him, I did not do any anxious growling. I anxiously hummed random classical music or murmured assorted potpourri, usually facts about historical figures or mathematical equations. 

"Look, on the bright side we can drop out of school and run away to Las Vegas," I tried, adjusting my position, "and be a jukebox hero." We rode out the rest of the car ride chatting and listening to Foreigner, cringing at the people crowding the parking lot. 

Getting out of the car to face the day was definitely something I was not ready for. I parted from my friends and immediately beelined for my locker, trying to avoid as many people as possible.

- - 

"I saw you walking down the street this morning," a voice said from someone next to me, their face concealed by their locker door.

"Excuse me?" I asked, squinting my eyes in disbelief.

"Yeah, you got in someone's car and left after walking, like, a block down the road," the voice said.

"I don't know how you know that, but-" I began when the other locker door closed, revealing the speaker's face.

"Good morning," Wesley smiled.

"Eff you," I said, laughing. It was just my neighbor, Wes, who must have left for school around the same time that I had.

"You know, you shouldn't walk around alone when it's still sort of dark, an animal could get you," Wes said jokingly. 

I scoffed. "You don't really believe that, do you?" I asked. He shrugged, taking out his chemistry textbook at the same time I took out mine.

He looked down at our identical books. "Well, you'll have to interrogate me later. Don't get mauled before fifth period," he joked before walking off.

- -

"Was it an animal attack?" Spencer asked. He had arrived at school a few minutes ago and knew that I would be at my locker, trying to avoid people.

"I'm not supposed to say anything about it," I said, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear. "It's also none of your business," I added with a small smile. Organizing all my textbooks and binders was easier and quicker than I had thought it would be, which actually made me sort of nervous since I still had a solid ten minutes before class started.

"But you can tell me," Spencer laughed, rearranging a few things for me that were slightly crooked.

I reciprocated the laugh, brushing his hand away to fix them myself. "I'm sorry, but I really can't," I said. Looking around at my surroundings, I spotted Jane Kippling out of the corner of my eye. She was talking to her sister, Lana, obviously about me. Jane was looking at me, slightly wide-eyed and flustered. I felt a bit bad, so I tried waving to her, but I guess she didn't really see me, as she did not return the gesture. That was a bit awkward, I thought to myself, closing my locker.

- -

The first couple classes went by so quickly that I didn't even have time to pay attention. Seeing that it was the first day of school, most of the teachers just introduced themselves or asked us if we wanted to talk about what happened to Melony, or not.

Lunch went by as equally as quickly as the first couple classes. It did really help that I'd sat with my brother, and we ate in silence, soaking in the first day awkwardness. 

- -

Darting out of the cafeteria, my next stop was the Sanctuary, aka the library. Since I still had a fair amount of time before class started, I figured that I had enough time to do some reading. When I arrived, I saw Kim and Natalie talking to one another. I walked by briskly, catching both of their gazes as they half smiled; I gave a small smile back, not quite sure if they were smiling at me or someone behind me.

I roamed through the aisles of books, getting myself lost in the different titles. Stumbling across a book about Norse history, I picked it up tentatively, examining its contents. " The son of Loki is called Fenrir which means 'He Who Dwells in the Marshes' and he is the wolf", a voice said behind me. I jumped a little to turn and face a smiling girl, who smiled back at me. "Have you been to Darbys before?" She asked me, seeing that I was taken aback enough to be at a loss for words.

"Oh, you're one of the employees," I said slowly, remembering her face.

She smiled widely at the fact that I had some recollection of her. "I'm Eden," she said.

"Cathy," I replied awkwardly, still slightly bewildered that someone, a stranger, was talking to me, and about Norse history of all topics.

"Need any more help with Fenrir?" She asked. I nodded, admitting to my lack of Norse knowledge. Eden just smiled, and, out of ideas, I just smiled back. Since our conversation had come to a dead end, I waved goodbye, still confused about the whole situation, trying to review it in my head. Someone had been nice to you. She knows about Norse history and somehow remembers you. And you put your foot in your mouth, once again. And for that, I mentally kicked myself.

- -

The rest of the day just kind of went on. It was the same routine in the afternoon: teacher introductions and Melony talks. Truthfully, it was a really tiresome day, and I was beyond ready to shoot myself if I heard 'Was it an animal attack?' another time. The final dismissal bell had never had such a sweet sound until today. 

We were all sat up in Fox's room, mainly goofing around. I was sorting through his record collection, picking one out to listen to, while also arranging them by genre, subcategory: artist, subcategory: release date. Natalie and Fox's bandmates were also in the room, all of us turning to face the door when Sam arrived.

"So, Melony," she said after a few minutes, addressing the obvious elephant in the room. "We all know it wasn't some freakish animal attack," she stated matter-of-factly. And, truthfully, it wasn't. I was unsure of how much everyone else knew, but I really doubted the real cause was evident.

There were a few murmurs going around the room before I finally asked how we were going to handle it. After deciding that we were going to investigate, per usual, I knew how this year was going to go. Let junior year commence.

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