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1. Do you follow a religion?
nope, never really wanted to 

2. What would you rather, visit the moon or the chance to live in the country of your choice for a year?
hmm I've always wanted to visit the moon and leave footprints. so I would do that. because who knows how long that will last? I can save money and travel later

3. What genre of music do you listen to the most?
hmm I like mostly everything. I like go radio and mayday parade..and all time low. so alternative? but I like fun too and mumford and sons!

4. Do you cry in films?

5. Do you have a favourite actress/actor?
OMG OKAY I CANT ANSWER THIS. EVAN PETERS. AND I agree, Johnny depp. and leonardo dicaprio (in great gatsby omg)

6. Have you ever read Shakespeare?
sadly in school. romeo and juliet. and midsummers night dream. eh.

7. Favourite item of clothing that you own?
hmm I have this pair of beige boots that I adore. I've worn them to warped tour twice. :D

8. Do you belong to any fandoms?
haha not really

9. When is your birthday?
september 12th!

10. If you could spend the entire day with a person of your choice (dead or alive), who would you chose?
I dont know. probably my boyfriend. lame and unoriginal. oh well

11. What have you got on the walls of your room?
not much. seriously lacking.
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