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Oh my goodness you guys! THANK YOU SO MUCH for TWO TOP TOP SETS IN THE SAME WEEK! That's incredible it means so much to me thank you! My Top Top set today is Karlie so here's another Karlie set for RBR :))

May 7th: Haven has been nice enough to rent out the VIP section of one of the hottest clubs this side of Manhattan. Get your hottest little outfit and hurry out to the club so you get a good spot. The drinks are all on Haven!

This girl named Haven rented out the VIP section of some club I'd never heard of, but I wasn't much for clubs. They were too public. I liked publicity sure, I liked being that girl everyone was staring at, but not when my eyes were red and all I wanted was to go to sleep. But people were always about appearances and this party was one of the first for all of us to get together and mingle.

I didn't feel like mingling. Not tonight. But I guess I'd have to try.

"Hey Gracie!" someone called out as I stepped inside the club's doors. It was dark inside and very loud. I couldn't tell who'd said my name, and I didn't really care at that point.

"Oh hey," I answered when I saw the face get nearer. It was Colbie, carrying a drink. 

"Your eyes are super bloodshot," she noticed, raising her eyebrows. "Pre-party bong?" She questioned with a laugh. "As if you'd ever do that."

I laughed with her, despite the longing in my mouth, the sweet taste of that hit I'd had earlier. "I went swimming without goggles," I lied smoothly. "There's a pool in my apartment complex."

"Very cool! Here, come have a drink, they're on Haven!" Colbie smiled, grabbing my elbow.

"I have to use the bathroom, I'll be back," I told her.

But I wasn't coming back. Not tonight.

Everyone stared at me as I left, those that could tell who I was. I knew people wanted to see me, wanted to talk to me, wanted to talk my back even because some of them thought I was a b-tch, but I could barely stand standing talking to Colbie for that measly minute. I could barely stand pretending to laugh. I could barely stand the withdrawal. 

When I reached the dark, cave-like shop a few blocks away, I was nearing delirium. I stumbled inside, motioning for the asian woman behind the desk to pull open the curtain behind her. She nodded slightly and I slid past her, ducking my head.

I spotted him from a few feet away, the dim glow from his bowl illuminating the stubble on his face. He smiled when he saw me.

"I knew you'd be back soon," he said in a musky voice, his eyes flickering as red as my own. 

"Just give it to me," I said in a hasty whisper. 

"Whatever you want baby," he answered, sliding the bowl over to me. 

I inhaled it. I let it into my bloodstream, into my system, into my entire being and felt the remnants of the past week's stress float away. 

No one knew about this. I was good at hiding it. Sometimes an addiction is so good that you'd do anything to stash it away, unseen from the real world and the real people who think they know you.

But they don't.

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