Hey Guys,
Omg! Where have I been? What even, how have I not posted a set in 2 days.
Well I've been and watched Twilight and had a huge Construction assignment to finish. Sigh.
Firstly, Twilight was fucking awesome. Like no words, it was prefect, the fight scene, the ending, everything. Nothing could have been better. The music was amazing and me and my friend got the biggest digital screen in the whole cinema, we got to sit at the very back in the middle and everyone was quiet. Perfect :)
I won't ruin the movie for you all who haven't sen it but I'd defiantly give it 10/10 you should all go and watch it, if you haven't all ready :)

Christina Perri - A thousand years
This song was in the last bit of the movie and it's just asdfghjkl all the feels. Perfect, honestly. 

But I don't want to talk about a movie to be honest, I just want to write about how different my year has been compared to last.
I guess my whole life has changed for the better in this past year. I never expected it to, or wanted it too but it's defiantly been the best thing that's happened in my whole life, so far. I've changed so much from people, experiences, even movies and YouTube videos. It's strange as my worst fear is change yet it's my greatest wish. 
I dream of London and moving home to study in college. I dream of being a tattoo designer and having my own flat with a view of the city. That's all change but it's my kind of change.
This word, change, means a lot to me. With it, I've become a much better person to be around as of the influence though Dan Howell. He's changed my whole view on life and made me realize it's ok to be yourself. You can be a teenager who is unhappy with life and gives up hope or you can be happy and carefree with no worries. He's made me the second teenager and i'm thankful for that.
He's got me though a lot this year but making me stronger and much more confident to find the good in everything. 
I've also dealt with my brother self harming back in March and April which has been the lowest time of my life. I hate talking about it because it just brings back so much to me but I'll say one thing. Stay Happy. That's the key to being a teenager in these times. It might sound hard now but it's not. Remember how you used to be when you were 6 years old playing on a swing or swimming in the hotel pool on holiday and remember how happy you were and still are.
My years been amaizng. I've grown up, become a nicer person to be around and given up part of my life to two guys who don't know I exist. 
I've loved this year and I can't thank the reasons for everything happening enough. Maybe this years just been luck but It's still been the best I could ever hope it to be.

The meaning of life is to make yourself happy. If you are happy within yourself, then other people will be happy around you” -Philip Lester
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