True Love

A call is made,
Though no one can hear it.
It tries to break through,
But with its size it can’t fit.
Though timid it is, and how quiet its voice,
The passion inside,
Screams as if there’s no choice.
It lets it all go,
When there is no one around,
But it thinks to itself,
I must let this be found.
No more hiding away,
I’ll reveal its great force,
And it will all be worth it,
Even if there’s remorse.
It’s only three words,
After all, that’s not bad,
But a pause after hearing them,
Could make someone sad.
Just wondering about this right now,
Is making me think, “Should I do it?”
But I am going to really let it out,
All because she is worth it.
“Why has he not said a thing?”
A lass announced out loud,
I know he loves me, I know its true,
But is he really just too proud?
To say three words Is not that hard,
But three words with such a meaning,
Are not said too often, nor enough
To spread the forsaken feeling.
She was lost in thought,
If he loved her or not,
For many parts of the day,
She asked herself,
“Why would such a guy
Make me feel this way?
Well maybe he feels this way too,
but is too shy to show it.
I’ll wait days and nights if I must!
I’ll wait so long my clothes won’t fit,
My heart’s too full of love and lust,
I won’t give up one tiny bit!
Over this debate she cried and she fussed,
All because he is worth it.

 by Lamar Cole.

Korean Drama: Paradise Ranch

This is for you sweeties .. hope you like it ;)))

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