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1. Bio:
Marguerite Leviviano
“The Teeth Whitener Expert”
Age: 24
Personality: Full-of-smiles & Cheerful
Marguerite is an adorable petite brunette. She’s of Moroccan and Spanish descent, but lives in Saint Tropez as a chemist at Elgydium Dental. Everyday, Marguerite works with brightening and whitening people’s teeth and getting the joy of watching them see their pearly whites for the first time. Since she knows everything about teeth whiteners, she immediately drove to Delizia’s and secured her rightful spot. To many people’s surprise, beyond that smile is years of sadness caused by her one and only boyfriend breaking up with her on their two-year-anniversary. Marguerite will be on a long road to recovery.
Model: Emmanuelle Chriqui
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2. 3 Things Your Character Likes and Dislikes
Likes: lipstick with blue undertones (instant smile brightener); brightly printed lab coats; heavy makeup.
Dislikes: her ex; romance movies (too many unrealistic expectations seem to come from them); cooking.

3. Top 2 Characters (Don't Include The One You're Trying Out For)
Sandra Parisii
Gemini Gloire

4. Promise To Make At Least One To Two [LOST] Sets Per Week (Absolutely No Slacking!)
Pinky Promise=)

5. State How Many RP's You Are Currently In

6. Answer The Following Questions:
-Why do you want this character? I really like Marguerite's story and I think her and I have a lot in common. I love chemistry (majoring in it actually) and if there's one thing I care about its my teeth. I had horrid teeth, and have had some appliance in my mouth to fix them ever since 2nd grade, and once I got my second phase of braces off, I had my teeth professionally whitened and continue to make sure my smile is nothing less than perfection (I've simply been through too much not to have it be perfect). I also appreciate that her character is imperfect, she's still trying to get over the loss of her boyfriend and I think the imperfections are what make a character intreiging to portray.
-How many times have you quit a RP? I think I've officially left 2, the past two years my fall has been crazy busy and I haven't had time to get onto polyvore at all so I was forced to leave a couple rp's.
-Will you be an active member? I'm going to try my best! I know I can do two sets a week at a minimum for sure, I do work and have a social life but with my free time I enjoy spending it on here.
-Do you like this RP's idea and what would you do to improve it? I like the idea a lot! Its really unique and I love how each character has their own niche. My only thing would be that each character has a flaw, but those can develop in time.

7. Write A Short Story About Any Part Of Your Character's Life (Include Correct Grammar & Use Detail!)
I ran across the lab as fast as my kitten-heel Jimmy Choo's would carry me, dumping all of my beakers and measuring equipment to be washed. I hastily snatched up a phial that was three-quarters of the way full with a liquid that was clear as water. I peered carefully at it, as if willing the chemical reaction that I knew was coming to begin right now. The liquid didn't listen to me as I stoppered it and I tucked it safely in a case before strugging off out of my Diane von Furstenberg printed lab coat. It had been a gift from the famous designer after I had whitened her daughter's teeth last year. I glanced around quickly just to make sure my lab was empty before quickly pulling off my satin cowl neck top and wide leg pinstripe pants, replacing them with fire engine red Herve Legar minidress. A pair of Louboutins gave me that extra inch of height that made it a bit easier to kiss my boyfriend. 
My heart fluttered at just the thought of him as I took the case containing the phial and slipped it inside my handbag. I did a quick lap around the lab, making sure everything was cleaned up after my days work. I left the lab and emerged into my office area, where just this afternoon I had whitened the teeth of a beloved British actor who actually needed white teeth for the American film he was starring in. Everything was in order as I glanced at the clock and quickly began to lock up for the night. 
Twilight was just beginning to settle over Saint Tropez as I got into my car and sped off toward the address that had been scribbled onto the back of an inventory list. It seemed to take far too long for me to arrive at the destination, that turned out to be this beachside restaurant that I had been dying to go to ever since it opened two weeks ago. Apparently reservations had been impossible to get, but somehow my boyfriend must have done it. 
Today was two years with Channing Dupont and I couldn't have thought of a better way to celebrate than at such a gorgeous restaurant. I stepped out of my car, expecting to see him standing at the door, a dozen roses in hand. I was suprised when he wasn't there and after waiting impatiently for a few moments, I settled against the brick wall of the restaurant and pulled the case with the phial from my bag. The liquid was turning to a gel just at the bottom, the top bubbling red. I smiled, finally, the formulation was right...
It seemed like after 20 mintues of watching things react untill a familiar hand touched my back, "Happy two years!" I said as soon as I looked up into Channing's eyes.
"S-same," he stuttered, a curious expression on his face, "What's that?" he asked suddenly, pointing to the phial in my hand.
"A new carbon-compound based whitener I've been trying to produce," I said, tucking the phial away, "Are we going inside?"
"Actually..." Channing looked uncharictaristically uncomfortable, "Can we talk?"
I narrowed my eyes, "We can talk while we're waiting for drinks..."
"Er, alright," and he followed me inside, the hand holding mine was loose.
As sure as we breathe oxygen, I would have never guessed that I would come running out of that restaurant fifteen minutes later with a shattered heart.
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