Percussion Gun/White Rabbits
(really into this song right now)

I was tagged by @something-to-do-with-red! Go check out her sets; they're gorgeous :)

Her question: Say you awoke one morning in a setting quite unlike the one to which you fell asleep. A book. A book? Which book have you gotten yourself stuck in, and at what point in the story? 

My answer: Hm, this is hard...but obviously I'm thinking Harry Potter, and I think I would wake up as a contestant in The Goblet of Fire...that seems like a dream I would find myself in! Probably in the 3rd task (the maze), as it's pretty dreamlike and surreal. 
(Besides HP, I would love to wake up in The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern...I'm reading it right now and it's so well written that you find yourself being sucked into the descriptions of this fantastically mystifying circus. I would definitely recommend it.)

I used the 'Charm Powers!' text from @something-to-do-with-red's set.

I'm going to tag..

The Laws: 
-Pick a song
-Use a line from the song you choose to be the title of you set
-Pick one item from this set and use in your own 
-Ask a random question

(Sorry if you don't like tags!!)
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