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What you'll need:
A watertight jar of any kind with a lid
(You will need to know how much water will fit in it)
1/10 vegetable oil
9/10 water
Glitter (any color! Be creative)
Optional: food coloring

1. Fill the jar 1/10 of the way with vegetable oil 
2. Fill the rest with water
Optional: Add food coloring
3. Add the glitter!
4. Close the jar (maybe even putting superglue on the rim to keep it from opening)
Using it:
Whenever you feel like cutting/crying/binge/screaming/ harming yourself, shake the jar and watch the glitter settle to the bottom. This will calm you.
Write inspiring words on the jar like "you can make it" or "darling you'll be okay" anything that you think will help.
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