Arlowe Elise Fitch, 21 
(Felicia Frithiof)
Secret: Ara spent her year of studying abroad in Barcelona as a model and photographer, not as a medical student.
Likes: classic rock, fashion photography, men, bonnfires, not wearing makeup, swimming, food, late nights on the lake
Dislikes: thai food, boy bands, prejudiced people, hairspray, frizzy hair, horror films, coca-cola
Parents: Robert Fitch (51)and Melyssa Harrington-Fitch (46)
Siblings: Richmond Fitch (26), Laura Fitch (24), Coy Fitch (23), and Mandy Fitch (17)
Best-friend(s): Leliah Harrington and Courtney Hale
Style: California Casual 
- Growing up in San Antonio and then moving to Lake Whatcom at the age of 12 was quite the experience of culture shock for the young Arlowe Fitch. Her father, Robert, has dedicated his life to heart surgery and her mother, Melyssa, spent eight years in college, getting a doctorate in child development, that resulted in three bestselling novels on how to raise your children. Needless to say, the Fitch children were raised with high expectations from their parents, to succeed and to win at whatever they do. But Arlowe is sick and damn tired of being told what to do every day of her life. She’s an adult now, and it’s time she started being treated like one. She’s back from her year in Barcelona and she’s got an entirely new attitude. I think we can all see how this is gonna play out.
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