☪ Britton, Francesca (24)
Hometown: London, Britain
Theme song: Kiss the Ring- My Chemical Romance
Scent: Coco Noir by Chanel
Never without: luring accent, witting smile, cat-eye sunglasses
The tramp/specialization: Francesca particularly enjoys playing the role of the lost tourist in the night scene and with her accent so thick, she has many wrapped around her finger. She isn't one for torture, like the other girls, a quick death is always sweet. How considerate of her? Usually two or three bullets in the chest, a clown-like smile drawn on the victim in red lipstick and to add something different, she draws a freckle like Marilyn Monroe's on the victim's face. You could say, she has a future as an actress and a make-up artist.
Likes: kicking butt, alcohol, her job, loud music, parties, the 80's music scene, travelling, leather, Chanel, knitted sweaters, winter, good hair days, men, acting, sleeping
Dislikes: video games, people trying to control her, early mornings, summer, expensive wine, staying in one place for too long, pink, classical music, silence
Bio: A quick, venomous tongue like that of a snake. Francesca has been described as a snake by co-workers, fellow models, even her few friends. The girl has a witty sense of humor and a come-back for absolutely anything you say to her, it's a thing that some adore about her or hate about her. If you're a hater, then watch out because this Brit isn't as precious as she makes herself out to be. That's one thing you should know, Francesca should have been an actress, not a model. You could just see this beauty on the silver screen, yes? But it's a pity this girls doesn't do glitz nor glam. Francesca has the ability to be anyone she wants to be and have anyone and everyone fooled. Especially those oh-so foolish men, they're wrapped around her finger but it's a shame some end up with a dreadful make-over; red lipstick and all. But they all look so gorgeous once Francesca's done with them. It's a shame, nobody knows how or why Francesca is here and many are too frightened to ask; too scared they'll end up with a bullet in their chest. Saying she liked that people were scared was an understatement for Francesca, she loved it. Nobody ever crossed her path or her boundaries, and Francesca going to keep it that way. Unless... wait, is red your colour? I'm sure it'd suit you.
Model: Ashley Smith
Taken by: @sarahstardom
a. Tell us about you. What’s your name, how old you and your background.
Hi, ol' chap. The name's Francesca, don't call me Franny unless you're asking for a death wish. Just kidding, but really, don't call me that. Francesca, it is, and Francesca it shall be. I'm from Britian, you moron. Is the accent not obvious enough? Speaking of accents, I can let you hear my Australian one.
b. Why should we even consider you for a job? What could you bring to the agency that we haven’t seen before?
I'm a striker, I can strike most people dead with my killer good looks. You know, why not put these good looks to use?... I'm a born model but I can also assist with the make-up and hair, if you want.
c. How much experience do you have? Any unusual talents?
Modelling? No experience. Being attractive? Born with this face, m'dear. Motivation? 100% and as for unusual talents, does winning every arm wrestle count?
d. What’s your greatest weakness and what’s your greatest strength?
Your mom. Wait, you wanted a serious response? Yeah, your mom. Fine, heights, maybe? Greatest strength? I'm the Incredible Hulk, shh.
e. What are you passionate about?
Wow, getting real deep here. Passionate about your mom. Oh, that isn't funny? Sorry (not sorry). I'm passionate about, well, I can't think of anything. Next question, now.
f. Describe your work style.
Comfortable darkness, with splashes of red when I'm feeling thrilling.

I was treading gently on the sidewalk after finishing yet another fantastic masterpiece. It seems to me like red will never be out of fashion, well, if I had any say in it. The cool early morning air brushed against my hair and the feeling of satisfaction had already passed before the dreadful emotion began to sink in.

It happened every time I finished with yet another cooperative being, that fell so easily into my trap. It reminded me of a helpless mouse struggling for freedom, the delicious cheese had taunted it until it gave it to its desperate needs.

This emotion, which the word itself, 'emotion' disgusted me, made me feel like a repulsive beast. It was an emotion that made me think, 'since when had I become as messed up as the world we lived in.'

Those memories flooded back and how it had all began. How it had all started with a simple phrase, that soon became popular and it was on everybody's lips. There soon followed new phrases that had an overwhelming affect on an individual.

That individual was me.

And it was then, when those phrases and words became too much, like any other teenager, you crack. You're sent over the edge.

I was sent over the edge,
though I lived the fall,
nobody ever found the impact of my fall.

8 years later and they still haven't.
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