The Girls of Theta House,
Alaska de Sauveterre

Thursday, August 1;

"I can't believe he acted like that" Liam shook his head, kicking a rock as we walked along the side walk together. "Who does he think he is, her father or something?" he questioned.

"We've been through this, Liam" I paused, patting him on the arm gently to calm him. "He was probably just being a protective friend" I added, biting my bottom lip.

"It was like he thought we were casually hooking up on that couch" Liam ranted, causing a person to look at the two of us as they passed. I looked down at my kitten flats to avoid the strange looks from the stranger.

"I have more class than that and people sit on that everyday, I wouldn't do that and it's not even my couch" Liam crossed his arms over his chest. 

"I understand, Liam. Again, we've been through this. I know he made you mad by acting all crazy and pushing her off the couch. But he was trying to do the right thing even if it doesn't seem like it" I said, as we began to approach a collection of shops.

"Ally, whose side are you on?" Liam paused in his tracks and pouted at me. I stopped, looking over at him and letting out a loud sigh.

"I'm not on sides. I can see that Dean was looking out for Aria even if he didn't do it in the nicest way. And I can clearly see your view on the matter, he should have been more considerate of you.

"You're a nice guy and you two are friends, it's not against the law" I finished. The pout faded from Liam's lips and a small smile replaced it. He began walking to catch up with me and nodded a little.

"Thanks" Liam said. "And I'm sorry for being a whining mess" he apologised, pouting for forgiveness. 

"Stop it. Stop looking at me like that" I shoved him and laughing. "You're forgiven, now stop pouting or I'll call you puppy dog 2" I joked.

"No, that's a horrible nickname" Liam shook his head, laughing. "Hey, Ally, isn't this the shop we're looking for?" he asked, pointing to the store that wasn't too far away from us.

I nodded, approaching it and walking into the store. There were records everywhere, old concert posters covered the walls, the lights dimmed and classic rock music playing in the background. It looked better than I'd imagined.

"So, why are we here?" Liam asked, looking at a box of records that were labelled with 'sale items.' I would definitely be coming here more often, it seemed so peaceful and a paradise for music lovers.

"I just wanted to look around" I shrugged casually, looking through an pile of magazines that dated back to the 1980's. 

"Excuse me for asking but since when were you interested in music? I mean, Aria did say you can really sing but you were more into books" Liam commented from where he continued to stand.

"I guess I never gave music a chance because I adored books. But music really is amazing, did you know that, Liam?" I said, holding onto a couple of magazines from 1989, 1994 and 1999.

"Yes, I was very aware of that, Ally" Liam chuckled, looking at the magazines in my hands. "You want to buy those, I'm guessing."

"Good guess, I'm going to keep on looking over there. Try not to get lost" I joked. But it wouldn't be hard for Liam to get lost, sometimes he struggled to find his way around a grocery store.

"Oh haha, so funny. Maybe, you should be a comedian too, not just an author and singer" Liam faked a laugh.

I rolled my eyes at his comment but the fact that someone thought I could be successful at 1. my true love and 2. my new love. I appreciate the compliment, even if he didn't really mean it.

"Are you ready to go?" Liam asked, wandering over to me and pulling me back into reality. "We've been here for an hour and a half, I think we should head back."

"We don't have a curfew" I reminded him with a smile. "Unless, this is boring you" I paused, looking down, "I'm sorry."

"No, it's just, it's already around 5 and the others were going to have a barbecue and movie night" Liam told him. "And I'm starving."

"You're always hungry. Hold on, let me go buy these and I'll be back" I said quickly, going toward the register and purchasing the magazines.

"So, why didn't you ask the girls or Scott to go shopping with you?" he asked curiously. 

"I don't know. I just felt like they might think I'm silly for my sudden love for music and well, you might have laughed but then gotten over it" I said, shrugging. I don't know why I chose Liam; he was a friend of mine, so I guess why not.

"I mean, I don't think it's silly but I'm confused on how it took you this long to realise" Liam shrugged. "How have you lived your life without it?" he added.

"I was in book land. It's amazing, you should visit it some day" I laughed, running a hand through my wavy hair.

"There is not a chance that is happening" Liam laughed. I laughed along and nodded at just how true that statement was.

I couldn't see Liam picking up a book and reading it unless he gained something from it. Like if he was paid to read, I think. 

"Hey, you're not supposed to agree" he scoffed. "That cut deep, real deep" Liam frowned, faking sadness.
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