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- never tear us apart by inxs

because tally's love never dies.
no matter who she loves.


“Épousez-moi, baby,” He tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear softly, running the pad of his finger down the back of my lobe. It sent shivers up my spine, tingles in my skin, causing me to gulp loudly in order to restrain myself. The room was dark, save for the tinted glow of the moon. It streamed through the thin curtains 166 Rue Noir supplied, casting shadows along his cheekbones and figures in the darkness of hair, like beautiful art hidden among us.

“Marry you?” I asked, unsure of what else to say. He nodded, locking his brown eyes with my own before trailing his hand down my neck, past my delicate collarbones, to the lapel of my blazer. He fingered the thin fabric effortlessly before slowly peeling it down my arms, leaving me feeling bare skinned despite being fully clothed.

“Yes,” Matt nodded affirmatively, as if he wanted nothing else more in the entire, titanic universe. And I believed him.

“M-Marry you…” I repeated, for good measure, nearly stumbling over the word. It seemed so big in my mouth, finite. It meant so little yet represented so much. Marriage. A giant responsibility weighed in my chest at only the simple thought. I was bad with responsibility. I ruined the only other serious relationship I had ever been with, an engagement, mind you. I sacrificed my best friend for this relationship. I gave up my parents and my brother to be with Ezra, yet I ruined it all.

I ruined it all for Matt.

“Je t’aime,” Matt whispered into my cheek. It caused an unnecessary moan to escape my glossed lips. He chuckled at this. “My baby…” He ran his hand down the back of my head, gripping my neck tightly. Our foreheads pressed together as my breathing escalated, our chests rising and falling in time dramatically. “You’re mine,” He deemed, pulling me forward. 

Our lips crashed together like the endless white foam of the sea, a wave meeting the cruel fate of its’ life. Drowning in his tough, I closed my eyes, loosing myself in the fire-like feel of his skin. Being with Ezra had been so romantic, so luxurious but Matt was… passionate. Lustful. I wanted him more than I wanted any other human soul I had ever faced. Out of all the things Matt Stonem was, he was definitely intoxication. A narcotic I couldn’t quit, a pastime I couldn’t give up.

Matt was my drug.

And I was hopelessly addicted.

I opened my eyes to find him pulling the zipper down the back of my dress rapidly. I couldn’t help but to smile at him as he pulled the fabric away from my back, slipping it down my arms and over my front. He lifted my hips and tossed it over his shoulder, leaving me before him in only the lace undergarments I had borrowed from Coco. He dug his nails into my hips, leaving me wanting nothing but more.

I wanted more of his touch, more of his kiss, of his warm, sweaty skin pressed firmly against mine. Of his hands telling stories across my curves, painting invisible pictures with the trail of his fingers, leaving nothing but more want in his wake.

It then dawned on me that I wasn’t the same little girl who had been dating her teacher in Coldgrove, a living Lolita, Dolores Haze’s own personification from paper. It wasn’t a petty engagement, a petty relationship. This was real. We were in Paris, after all. The city of lovers.

I wanted to marry him.

I grabbed each button of his shirt and snapped them open as quickly as my small, shaking fingers would go. One. Two. Three. Four. My movements became more jerky and unsteady as I went. Matt laughed, grabbing my fingers and stopping me before I reached the final button. He kissed the tips of all of them softly, his chocolate irises locking against my mirrored green ones.

“You’re so sweet, Chantal,” He purred, voice raspy from the apparent lust in his gaze. “So sexy too. And delicate…” He kissed my wrists carefully, puckering his lips against the smooth skin. “Everything I’d ever want in a woman. In a companion.”

I closed my eyes again before taking a deep breath.

“I’ll marry you.”


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