☆ Saturday :
Fourth Challenge - Today's the big day! The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show! We've been waiting all year for the greatest show on earth, and now you lucky girls get the chance to walk in it! Create the perfect outfit for your model to walk in the show with. Afterwards, we're heading to the after-party! So get on those sexy cocktail dresses of yours and have a great time! 

I'mma put my questions on my actual runway set.

☆ Kayleigh Hart
This is her after-party outfit. All the models were going for slinky/sexy cocktail dresses, but Kayleigh actually likes to be quirky and interesting, so in favor of being interesting, she chose a feathery skirt and a top with a blazer to keep it sexy but still different so she could stand out from a crowd.


Brushing a hair out of my lip gloss, I try and smile to the camera that's flashing in my eyes. The moment almost doesn't feel real, and it certainly doesn't feel right. My parents are going to watch this. Oh god. Of course that's what I think of! Every girl in America probably dreams of this moment, and all I can think of is how it must feel to be the parent of a VS model. Probably weird to see your little girl parading around in lingerie. But thinking that certainly isn't going to help me, so I focus on the noise around me and listen to the buzz of pre-show nerves and camera flashes and makeup artists gossiping. I take a deep breath and steady myself, adjusting the pink robe on my shoulders. Stomach in, deep breaths, wide smile. Unlike other backstage moments, they like to see VS models smile. Have a personality. Well, that's something I can do, that's for sure.

"Close your eyes for me, will you, honey?" the makeup artist working on my face says. I see the other girls in the background, relaxing like this is some d-mn spa treatment, and I tense up. I've never been one to enjoy having brushes stuck in my eyes - I was afraid of makeup until only a few years ago. Plus, mascara and glasses don't go well together. The mascara gets stuck to the glass, and then when you try to wipe it off and it personally stains your favorite shirt. Trust me - I speak from personal experience.

"Oh, right," I say, remembering that I need to close my eyes and calm down. Panicking is going to do nothing for anyone, especially not nervous and awkward old me, who got discovered in a freaking mall and never really wanted this.

"So, Kayleigh!" I hear a screechy voice say. It's a woman with big pink hair, glasses, and eyes so overly made-up that if it rained, she'd probably be able to coat her entire face with the remnants of her makeup. "Tell us about how you feel! You're walking in the show for the very first time! You were only discovered very recently. How does it feel to be such a lucky young woman? How long have you wanted to model?" She shoots her questions at me like daggers into my heart. One, two, three. When she finally stops talking, she tilts her head to the side, and I realize she wants me to answer now.

"Well," I say. I want to be honest. It's been a long time since I was honest with anyone. "What I really want is to be an actress, but I figure this is as good a place as any to start."

She grins, just off a beat. I don't even understand what I've been given - how good it is - and that's what she thinks. "So you don't like modeling?"

D-mn, she's twisting my words. "No, no!" I backtrack. "I love it." That's a lie. "It's just that I feel like acting is my true calling." I try to call to mind that VS model who got into acting. "I hope to follow in the steps of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley," I say, hoping I got her name right. Even though she's a bad actress, it's easy for me to relate. "I really admire her drive and her success." Now it feels like the usual kind of BS you give at all interviews. I'm even using stupid buzzwords like "drive" and "success."

"What have you done recently in terms of moving into acting, then?"

"Well, my most recent audition was for the movie Divergent." I pause. "But I haven't heard back from them."

"Oh, too bad! That's a shame!" She says it in a way that makes it clear that she totally doesn't find it to be a shame at all. I hate being underestimated. She probably thinks I'm yet another one of those stupid wannabes who thinks they can act who's actually about as good of an actress as Rosie HW - or worse.

"Well," she says, seeming eager to change the subject, "how do you feel right now?"

This question's easy to answer. I laugh and say, "Nervous," because it's true. "But I'm as prepared as I'll ever be!"

"Well, thank you!" She smiles fakely at me before running off to go talk to a real VS girl. Click-click. I listen to her heels as she goes.

The makeup artist smiles at me. He says, "I think you'll be a wonderful actress" as he powders my cheeks.

"Thanks," I say, "but you don't know what my acting looks like. Maybe I really am terrible. I've never gotten any parts." It's a depressing thought.

"Honey, I saw how diplomatically you just dealt with Stacey Kent, and I gotta tell you - there's no way that you could've been that nice and honest-seeming without having some kind of acting talent." He laughs. "If it were me, I'd have b-tch-slapped that woman. Her voice kills me."

I laugh, too. "So what segment am I in?"

He consults a notepad. "We've got you in the Sugar and Spice section."

"Oh, cool!" I say. It's colorful and younger than the other sections. I wouldn't be comfortable with something like Dangerous Liaisons - it sounds too adult, too seductress. "What am I doing?"

"You're going to be in all pink with sparkles - we're going a little fairy princess, but you're going to get a little crown and a wand for one outfit. For the other one, you'll go back out and close the segment with an all-black one - more like the stuff they're doing in Dangerous Liaisons."

I sigh. Of course. But at least the first one is fun. Sort of. I find something wrong with girls being personified as so innocent. That's something I always liked about Tris - the character from Divergent. She's honest, and she's human. She's not perfect, like me. I am more than my face and my body and the lingerie I fit in. I am more than my smile and my clear skin, more than the bad hair days and the good ones. Looks are not anything, but somehow, they mean everything.


This is it. This is now. I'm dressed and ready (if you can call it "dressed," I guess, since I'm only basically wearing underwear with a bra and some pink accessories).

I totally can't do this. I'm standing in my underwear in stilettos. People are going to be out there. Looking at me. These pictures are going to be everything people will see of me. This is going to set my future in motion.

"Okay, let's get going! Kayleigh, you're on in three, two, one!" Someone pushes me forward, and I have no choice but to put one foot in front of the other and assume that I'm walking the right way. I hear Justin Bieber singing outside. I've never liked him, but right now, it's reassuring for someone - anyone - to be on the stage with me, taking some attention away from me.

As I strut out, I feel all the eyes on me, and it feels awkward and unnatural. I try to use the music to get into it, and Justin even comes up and sings near me. I flirtily push him away and give him a brilliant grin. The cameras flash-flash-flash. "Kayleigh!" I hear someone cheer. I'm not sure who it is, but I like it.

At the end of the runway, I spin around and blow the glitter on my hand off into the crowd and wave my wand like I'm casting a spell. In a way, I am - for a short moment, a very short moment, I am the Girl. Capitalized because I'm not just me. I am Someone, and I feel important for a minute. 

I kick up my leg as I turn around and put my arms up in the air, strutting down the runway smoothly. I know that later, I will remember this moment vaguely - the adrenaline wipes out my active memory in some way. It will be a mindless cloud of things I can't believe I actually did. I'm so nervous, but I actually feel kind of good about what I'm doing - except the lingerie.


Once the show is over, I take a deep breath and get changed back into my clothing. I'm wearing VS underwear and a bra because I feel like getting in the spirit of whatever the h-ll I'm doing. The after-party is going to be the best part of the evening. Who knows what Hollywood moguls could be there? It's probably not going to happen, but I can always hope, can't I? I shove my cell phone back into my purse and strap on my heels as I leave the building to go to the party.

Once I'm there, I smile and pose for pictures the way I'm supposed to. And while I'm there, I hold a glass of non-alcoholic something-or-other, just because I'm underage but still want to seem festive. I'm not planning on drinking any because my stomach is still turning, but that's okay.

My phone buzzes as I spot Lo smiling for photos across the room. I wish it came so naturally to me. I answer it. It's my mom.

"Oh, honey!" she says, sounding overly emotional. "I'm so proud of you!" My mom's always been one of those types that lives vicariously through her children, so she was probably practically feeling like it was her up there on the runway, strutting her stuff. I'm not sure how it's normal for her to feel proud of me for something like that, but whatever. It's not my problem to psychoanalyze her.

"Thanks, Mom!" I say, trying to imbue my voice with a smile. She babbles on for another minute or two about how precious I looked, and do I think I'll become an Angel ever, and is Evie really as beautiful as she looks in film and pictures? I answer all her questions automatically, and then she finally gives up and lets me go.

I get on the Internet because I'm awkward and parties aren't really my thing. I go on Perez Hilton's site and see a picture of myself, which is unnerving. I scroll down and read the article.


VS Model-Turned-Actress?! OMG!

Model Kayleigh Hart turned heads tonight on the VS Runway, but it looks like this is only the beginning for this budding angel. Word has just been released from the studio that Miss Hart is set to star in next year's Divergent as Tris. So I guess she must act as well as she struts her stuff! LOL! Lucky her!


This is just a gossip website, so it's totally possible that they're just ma - 

My phone rings. It's my agent.

I open it with a shaking hand. "Hello?"

"You got the part!"

Ohmygawd. Ohmygawd.


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Lovely and pretty! :)

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@haute-hippie Yayyy, thank you! I had so much fun writing for Kay!

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@inoubliiable Cry your d-aaamn crocodile tearz foar hur.

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@inoubliiable I danno, I just wrote without really including peepz, but you can pretend she had an encounter after Kay's good news and it left Kay sort of sad because she said something about how she only got the acting job for being sl-tty or for being VS and not because she had any talent.

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@inoubliiable lol
aren't you proud of me for this monstrous story?

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So pretty! & cute outfit!

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@henna-enjoys-the-little-things Literally longest RP story I've ever written so you should read it. Kay has zero amigas.

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@henna-enjoys-the-little-things Maybe LOL.

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