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Name: Bailey Alexander
Age: 14
Weapon: ring that grows into trident
Godly Parent: Poseidon
Bio: a indépendant girl who isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She grew up in a town in california by the name of laguna beach. she lived with her mom in a big house on the beach. 
Chapter 1: The Worst day of my life

it started out just an average day.
I woke up and threw on a tshirt and shorts and slipped into my converse. i ran a brush through my hair and grabbed my backpack and a banana and ran out the door. I hopped on my skateboard and rode to the bus stop. as i got on the bus i heard snickering. Oh dear here it comes. "Hey fish breath," sneered the lovely Breanne, "still prefer octopus over people?" I sighed. Breanne was forever teasing me about how i didn't socialize and only went swimming.
"Shut up Breanne." said Lilly, a nice sophomore who hung out with me. I plopped down next to Lilly and we discussed our Geomatry homework. As we arrived to school something felt weird. "Oi Bailey!" figures. Approching us was Miles. I swear i have turned him down 18 times this year and he still won't shove off. "No Miles. go away now. bye" i said as i arrived to my first period class room. "Well Ladies. Nice of you to show up." lovely. Miss Carson. we were 1 minute late and already getting marked tardy. Miss carson was an old grump of a lady who never reeled in a husband. halfway through Biology class a ginormous dog twice the size of a hours broke down the door. he attacked me. i ducked under him and flew out the door. outside i discovered Lilly next to me. "Lilly?" i said cautiously, "Whats going on?" she reached into her backpack and drew out a sword. She handed it to me. "Stab it." she stated. "STAB IT???" i repeated. it was barreling towards us. right as it leaped to jump on me i thrust the sword up into its belly and it disintegrated into dust. 'Ewww grosss!!"i said as the dust went all over me. "come on" said Lilly. I was so tired i almost passed out. a mercedez benz drove up next to us. "need a ride lil?" said a very attractive young man. "no we're fine we'll just WALK to New York now open the dam car door Apollo." we squeezed in the car and i think i fell asleep. what felt like a couple minutes later Lilly was shaking me awake "Bailey wake up!" i basically fell out of the car. there was a guy in with a horse for legs. you read that to him were 2 tall guys in orange t-shirts with some words on them. I'm dyslexic its hard for me to read. it may have said "Mac lac lood" but i find that hard to believe. one of the guys helped me up. i almost fell back down. not that bad. not that bad. suddenly i looked around. there were a lot of people looking at me. The centar dude shook my hand and said "welcome to camp half blood. my name is chiron. this is Liam and Austin. i know this is hard to believe but you are a child of a greek god." they all looked at me as if i was going to explode. "Kay? andddd" i said. Liam continued for chiron "which parent do you live with? mom or dad?" "mom" i told him. "My godly parent is Hermes." "Mines Athena." chipped in austin. "Do you have any idea who's yours may be?" said chiron. i shook my head now. then they all gasped and pointed to something above my head. there was a small trident glowing above my head. "what the-?" they all bowed and chiron then said "Hail Bailey Alexander daughter of Poseidon."
Oh. well then.

well that was long.
heres a cast list for your pleasure.

Bailey: Sasha Pieterse
Lilly: Dakota Fanning
Austin: Andrew Garfield
Liam: Nick Robinson
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