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Name: Bailey Alexander
Age: 14
Weapon: ring that grows into trident
Godly Parent: Poseidon
Bio: a indépendant girl who isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She grew up in a town in california by the name of laguna beach. she lived with her mom in a big house on the beach. 
Chapter 1: The Worst day of my life

it started out just an average day.
I woke up and threw on a tshirt and shorts and slipped into my converse. i ran a brush through my hair and grabbed my backpack and a banana and ran out the door. I hopped on my skateboard and rode to the bus stop. as i got on the bus i heard snickering. Oh dear here it comes. "Hey fish breath," sneered the lovely Breanne, "still prefer octopus over people?" I sighed. Breanne was forever teasing me about how i didn't socialize and only went swimming.
"Shut up Breanne." said Lilly, a nice sophomore who hung out with me. I plopped down next to Lilly and we discussed our Geomatry homework. As we arrived to school something felt weird. "Oi Bailey!" figures. Approching us was Miles. I swear i have turned him down 18 times this year and he still won't shove off. "No Miles. go away now. bye" i said as i arrived to my first period class room. "Well Ladies. Nice of you to show up." lovely. Miss Carson. we were 1 minute late and already getting marked tardy. Miss carson was an old grump of a lady who never reeled in a husband. halfway through Biology class a ginormous dog twice the size of a hours broke down the door. he attacked me. i ducked under him and flew out the door. outside i discovered Lilly next to me. "Lilly?" i said cautiously, "Whats going on?" she reached into her backpack and drew out a sword. She handed it to me. "Stab it." she stated. "STAB IT???" i repeated. it was barreling towards us. right as it leaped to jump on me i thrust the sword up into its belly and it disintegrated into dust. 'Ewww grosss!!"i said as the dust went all over me. "come on" said Lilly. I was so tired i almost passed out. a mercedez benz drove up next to us. "need a ride lil?" said a very attractive young man. "no we're fine we'll just WALK to New York now open the dam car door Apollo." we squeezed in the car and i think i fell asleep. what felt like a couple minutes later Lilly was shaking me awake "Bailey wake up!" i basically fell out of the car. there was a guy in with a horse for legs. you read that to him were 2 tall guys in orange t-shirts with some words on them. I'm dyslexic its hard for me to read. it may have said "Mac lac lood" but i find that hard to believe. one of the guys helped me up. i almost fell back down. not that bad. not that bad. suddenly i looked around. there were a lot of people looking at me. The centar dude shook my hand and said "welcome to camp half blood. my name is chiron. this is Liam and Austin. i know this is hard to believe but you are a child of a greek god." they all looked at me as if i was going to explode. "Kay? andddd" i said. Liam continued for chiron "which parent do you live with? mom or dad?" "mom" i told him. "My godly parent is Hermes." "Mines Athena." chipped in austin. "Do you have any idea who's yours may be?" said chiron. i shook my head now. then they all gasped and pointed to something above my head. there was a small trident glowing above my head. "what the-?" they all bowed and chiron then said "Hail Bailey Alexander daughter of Poseidon."
Oh. well then.

well that was long.
heres a cast list for your pleasure.

Bailey: Sasha Pieterse
Lilly: Dakota Fanning
Austin: Andrew Garfield
Liam: Nick Robinson
@iheartny33 my entry
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The Demigod Battle Group

The Demigod Battle Group

A battle group where we will have contests for quests and such.
Let's set the scene: You're a demigod at Camp Half-Blood, stuck inside the cramped Hermes cabin. No Percy Jackson exists, no Annabeth Chase either. You're waiting to be claimed by your godly parent, and have been wishing for your own quest for FOREVER. Your chance is coming. Will you be claimed? Will you finally get a quest? Or the ultimate question: Will you be named a hero?
For characters, please use original storylines and names. Thanks!
The contests:
1. Getting Claimed (15 winners)
2. Receiving a quest (12 winners)
3. Monster attack (10 winners)
4. Supply shortage (8 winners)
5. Encounter a god (6 winners)
6. Stranded (4 winners)
7. Final Battle (1 winner)

The only rules are:
Please, no swearing or inappropriate story lines.
Like I mentioned before, please create your own, new characters rather than using Rick Riordan's or someone else's. It's way more fun that way!
I'm sorry, I really am! It's a battle group.
You will be allowed to enter in the next round.
(well, I mean, you do have the choice to leave but it would be nice if you didn't?)
Currently participating in this round: @nofears, @cptncaroline, @hungergamestintin1d, @lexi-lunar
I judge by the quality of the story and the set! Please put effort into your stories, I appreciate it :)
Note: If I have to make an extension contest, the people who entered in the first contest will be guaranteed entry into the next contest.
Questions, ideas, or suggestions, please PM me.
Thanks! :)

established by @iheartny33 on June 15th, 2012
original idea.


3rd place in group contest: Getting Claimed (Introduction)

3rd place in group contest: Getting Claimed (Introduction)

6 sets from 6 members. Ended 4 years ago.
Submit your bios! Who are you? What are you like?
Make sure to add name, age, weapon, godly parent, and a short background on yourself.
1 week, 12 winners
Congratulations to @dovewings for winning the last round! :)

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