❀Tuesday: Free day. Keep in mind, it's still a school day today.

"Zoe! You whorre! I cannot believe you are leaving." I shook my head in sadness, and gave her a huge hug. She hugged me back, squeezing slightly.

"I know! My stupid dad wants me to be closer to home, when Miami /is/ my home!" She declared, letting go and smiling at me. 

Suddenly, Cyn rushed in, her usually pale cheeks, flushed.

"Zoe, you're leaving!" She exclaimed, frowning.

"Yes dear, I really didn't have time to tell everyone." She walked over, giving Cyn a huge hug as well. 

"By the way C, we're still on for the bet. I'll be expecting those shoes soon," She winked. 

"I would bitchh at you for spilling it to Melissa, but you're leaving, so I can't be mad at you!" 

After tearful goodbyes, Zoe was off, and Cyn and I stood together.

I plopped onto my bed, staring at the empty half.

"Now I'll be alone in my room, Cyn. I look like a loner, with no roommate! This sucks," I grumbled. Cyn sat down awkwardly, patting my hand. 

"It's okay, you can come over anytime," She smiled. 

"Thanks," I smiled to her.


Walking into Starbucks, I was in desperate need for some caffeine. 

"A grande skinny latte, please. And quickly, would you?" Rude, but necessary. 

She rolled her eyes. "Sure, that'll be 5 dollars." I threw her a five dollar bill, awaiting my recite. Once it printed out, I took it from her, waiting on line. Soon, the latte was in my hands, and I took a long sip. Ahh. Suddenly, I spotted Joshua, sitting in the corner, typing on his computer.

Though Melissa felt like being a bitchh, I could still cover up the bet.

"Josh!" I smiled to him, walking over. He glanced over, a weak smile appearing on his lips. 

"Hey Cassandra." He said, pushing his computer screen down.

"Mind if I..." I trailed off, motioning to the seat.

"Nah, go ahead," He waved his hands, motioning me to sit. I sat down, putting the cup down with a light bang. A bit of the liquid sloshed out, forming a small puddle.

"So, how have y-" I started to say, but he cut me off.

"Are you betting on me, Cassandra?" He asked bluntly, biting his lip. My heart banged in my chest, but I tried to ignore it. 

It didn't work.

"No, of course not. That's such an immature thing to do," I lied through my pearly whites, crossing my fingers below the table. 

He breathed a quick sigh. "Oh, okay, good. I just heard it from someone, and I wanted to just clear things up," He smiled. 

"Well you have nothing to worry about! So, what are you working on?" I asked, pointing to his laptop.

"It's this website I've been working on," He blushed. "I'm giving under privileged kids swimming lessons." Not only was he hot, he was a saint as well? F*ck, that's not good for my conscience.

"Really? Wow, that's so sweet of you." I smiled genuinely, taking a sip of my drink. He blushed again, bashfully. 

"It's really nothing. I just want to give back, you know?" He said. I nodded, smiling. Wow, Josh was really cute when he blushed. I bit the inside of my lip. This is /all/ a bet, nothing more. Just picture a snake skin Birkin in front of his face. I tried my technique, and it worked, kind of. I relaxed my shoulders, but a really annoying voice brought me back.

"Hey Josh! Oh, and... Cassandra." Melissa glanced down at me, standing above our table. I straightened my back, my hand tightening around my cup.

"Melissa." I said cooly, narrowing my eyes slightly.

"What are you two doing together?" Melissa raised a brow, looking directly at Josh. He shrugged, then glancing back at me.

"Just chilling, you know." He smiled at me. I gave him a half smile, feeling like dirt.

"Oh, well, have fun." Melissa frowned, walking off out the door, a soft chime trailing off behind her.

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