WEDNESDAY O6/23; katie is hosting a movie night. bring drinks and your favorite movies. it's going to be an all night movie marathon. so plan on staying up until you pass out from all the alcohol. it will be the perfect time to scout out the hot guys and maybe cuddle up with them, watching a movie.

On one side, I was really excited about going to Katie’s movie night. It seemed like the perfect place to make new friends. On the other side, there were rumors that there would be terrible amounts of alcohol there. I know we’re all almost grown but after what happened back at home I didn’t want these people to think I was some sort of freak or something. 
 “Hey! Welcome. Alcohol’s over there, movie’s over there. Make yourself at home. I’m Katie by the way.” She greeted me at the door and shook my hand. 
 “I’m Melina.” The girl walked off to play host and I walked over to the movie side. I wasn’t about playing with alcohol. 
 I looked around for some place to sit but everybody seemed to either be living up with some alcohol or cozying up to some guy. 
 “Hey, I was hoping to see you here.” That gorgeous guy from the forest was behind me. 
 Crap. I couldn’t remember his name. Mark, Mac, Malik…
 “Mason. Remember?” He flashed a smirk. 
 “Of course I do! I’m just not that good with names if I don’t see you everyday.” 
 “I remember you, Melina.” He sat down on one of the couches and patted the seat right next to him. “Here, sit.” 
 “I thought that would be the seat for your book.” 
 “Touche. I needed some fun so I left the book at home.” 
 “I guess I can sit here then.” I sat down next to him and Katie slipped in The Happening. I myself am not a great fan of scary movies but they seem like the perfect “date” movies. 
 “You want a drink?” He passed over a Styrofoam cup filled with God knows what. 
 “Um, that’s not my thing.” 
 “Oh! You think it’s alcohol. No, it’s just Pepsi. I don’t drink Alcohol either.” 
 “I think I’m just going to get myself something from the bar.” I hopped right up from my seat and walked over to the bar to get myself something to drink. To tell you the truth, I didn’t know if I could trust Mason. I just met him and all. So, I took matters into my own hands and got myself something to drink. 
 “Can I get some a Dr. Pepper?” I asked the bartender. 
 “Coming right up.” The bartender went off to find my drink.
 “I don’t blame you.” The girl who was next to me said. “I’ve been seeing guys around here spiking girls’ drinks all night. I got myself a drink to. I’m Naya by the way.” 
 “Thanks for the advice Naya. I’m Melina.” 
 “It’s a pleasure.” A guy was signaling Naya back over. “Sorry, but my guy’s calling me. Talk later?” 
 “Yeah, that would be cool.” Naya went back to her guy and I went back to mine. By the time I got back my drink was half gone and Mason seemed completely freaked out. 
 “Mason, what’s wrong?” 
 “I think that I want to go now.” Mason grabbed my hand and led me out of there, hey I didn’t really care. 

 Mason and I took a little moonlight walk on the beach. Hand in hand, we just talked about our lives back home. The people we love, the places we’ve been, the things we’ve seen. It was real nice to actually have a good conversation with a guy. It’s been a while since I had done such a thing. After we had done all the walking we could we took a seat in the sand and just stared at the moon. 
 “Such a great night wasn’t it.” Mason said rubbing my hand with his thumb. 
 “It was even better when you stole me away.” I laid down in the sand. 
 “Let’s just say scary movies aren’t my thing.” Mason revealed. “I’ve rather be walking the beach with a beautiful girl.” 
 “Well, I’d rather walk the beach with a handsome man.” I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. I was hoping for his expression to be somewhat happy but he seemed a bit surprised at first. But surprised turned to a blush and the day ended on a happy note.
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