{ Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson }
{ December 17th, 2013 }

I actually quite like this set. 

So the winter tag : 

→ what's your favorite winter drink?
the classic hot chocolate. when your feet are suffering from frostbite every day after skiing, for the twentieth time -.-, a nice warm cup of hot cocoa always diverts attention away from the fact that all your toes have destroyed nerves. 
→ favorite winter activity?
skiing. you may get tons or frostbite from the below zero temperature, but it's worth it. 
→ favorite shoes to wear in the winter?
honestly, any shoe that i grab after stepping out of my ski boots feel amazing. 
→ ideal winter outfit?
candy came pajamas and bunny slippers. #imcool
→ do you have a winter playlist?
nah. i may be a teenager but music is not my life, unfortunately literally freezing is. 
→ what are your favorite songs on it?
well i suppose when i'm in the car listening to the radio winter playlist i'm in love with where are you christmas because i love the grinch. #dontjudge 
→ favorite thing to do on a snow day?
SKI. though i must admit any winter activity is really fun, my family (really my parents and i since i'm the only child) goes up to our winter timeshare for two weeks at the top of a ski resort known as snowbird to mostly ski but also enjoy our christmas. i always enjoy making a snowman in the middle of a blizzard. (:
→ favorite christmas cookie?
to be honest I don't really eat a lot of cookies but i guess the basic chocolate chip is nice. 
→ favorite scent for winter?
the intoxicating smell of blue spruce.
→ favorite winter beauty product?
...because i totally wear makeup. 
→ top five things on your christmas list?
one : stand on top of the mountain at 6 am watching the sunrise with my alpine ski team like i do every christmas. 

two : decorate a natural pine tree outside with cheap necklaces. #christmastradition

three : a nice warm pair of winter boots

four : new running shoes (i've worn my old ones out)

five : a beautiful new set of goggle lenses because my old set is sorta screwed up. 
what? not all of those had to be physical items, right? i prefer experiences any day. 

→ what's your favourite brand?
hollister. but that's not very wintry so i suppose in that case i choose the north face and go lite for their incredibly warm winter jackets. 
→ how many social apps do you have? 
three. instagram, snapchat, polyvore
→ how many hours a day do you spend fangirling?
define fangirling?
→ what is your favorite song?
actually the one i used to title this set. breakaway by kelly clarkson. 

→ who is your favorite actress/actor?
whoever voiced russel, carl, and kevin in up and whoever plays sheldon cooper in the big bang theory. 
→ what/who do you fangirl over the most?
again, you'll have to define fangirl for me. i'm too lazy to look it up myself. #lazylily 
→ laptop or iphone?
→ how many fandoms are you a part of?
if books count i suppose countless. 
→ what are the names of all of the fandoms you are a part of?
harry potter, the mysterious benedict society, the adventures of tom sawyer, to kill a mockingbird, and the secret garden to name a few of the books. #bookworm up, finding nemo, and other assorted captivating animated movies, along with the big bang theory as my favorite tv show. i must thank angela for getting me into it by quoting sheldon cooper. @avie4eva 
→ what is your favorite reality tv show? 
reality tv shows are about as real as barbies.

→ have you made any friends online through your fandom?
you always make friends with similar interests. yes,

→ how many concerts have you been to, and who were they for?
i went to a concert of celine dion's in vegas and one taylor swift concert. 
→ which fandom do you hate the most?
i must quite angela on this because her answer was perfect : "i don't hate on a particular fandom. i just dislike those who are overaggressive worshippers."
→ how did you end up in a fandom?
i read the books and watched the tv shows and movies. pretty straight forward. 
→ when did you join your first fandom?
probably way back in 2005 when i read harry potter at age 6. i really didn't get what fandom a were then nor do i really get them now, i'm sorta winging this whole winter tag thing. 

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