I'll Think Of A Mermaid Lagoon, Underneath A Magic Moon: A Wendy Darling Inspired Collection

•I guess this is like volume 2 to all my princess inspired collections. This is all the other Disney ladies who aren't in the official Disney princess lineup but are definitely deserving of collections of their own!
Oh Wendy! She's so precious! I've always felt a connection to Wendy, like we are kindred spirits and Peter Pan is one of my all time favorite movies! I definitely wanted her collection to be really lovely and special! Wendy's wardrobe is soft and pastel and very dreamy. There's almost a nightgown kind of theme with lots of long flowy things and it's all very pretty and soft.

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Wrote 10 months ago
Your collections are awesome!

Wrote two years ago
great collection!

Wrote two years ago


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