song: The Cab - Angel With a Shotgun
set&imagine/one-shot for my bizzatch @chloeklennon 

Christmas is the the perfect time of year for couples. The intense aura as you kiss under the mistle toe. The gratefulness you have, as they hand over your gift, always delicately wrapped. But sadly, i had no boyfriend. I had girls that were friends, boys that were friends, and then i had Zayn. Ive always love him for a long time. He had these, these mysterious dark eyes that i always seemed to be forever lost in, he had perfectly toned cheekbones and his skin was flawless. We've been friends for three years now an ive always thought i was too young to love..but with Zayn Malik, everything changes in a split second. It was Christmas Eve and a few friends of our were all going to this lavish restaurant downtown London. It was lit up beautifully. We entered, all dressed to the nines. I looked over at Zayn- who had always seemed to but especially now- defined beauty and perfection. i blushed at the sight and felt my self suddeny being shoved towards him. I panicked and swivelled my head slightly my friend Bea was the culprit, "Nows your chance to finally get with Zayn!!", she loudly whispered. "I dont even know what to say to him!", i yelled, my knees trembling as goosebumps alined my arms. Just being near him was a whole different mood. "Hi Zayn," i gulped, 'shiit i look terrible!' i thought as his gaze fixed on me. His eyes widened abruptly. Oh no. I hope i dont make him feel sick. "Chloe.. You look.. BEAUTIFUL", he said. But behind us,a quiet chorus of 'awww's. Then Bea's boyfriend Jamie chipped in, "How about you two go and be loveydovey somewhere else. Off you go." He said, and with ofcourse extra strength from Bea, they pushed us out of the restaurant, in which we had just arrived. Well, they certainly did alot of pushing for sure. Mine and Zayns bodies were clinging together throughout this process, a fortunately consquented in our hands merging together. I felt embarrassed though so i pulled away, but noticed a bit of hurt on his face. I ignored this as i knew he would never love me, and ran to the river bank. The stars shining on the river reminded me of the christmas story, and i instantly climbed up on the railing and began singing "All I Want For Christmas Is You" , the true spirit of that particular season edging closer, as did a panting Zayn behind me. "!" he breathed and i scoffed as if he hadnt heard himself. "No really", he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and gently pulled me off of the railings, an infinite amount of butterflies dancing around my stomach. "What was that for?" I asked as he spun me around to face him. He nervously bit his lip. "Chloe have i ever told you how much i like you?" he said. I shook my head. "Well, i do, i really like you. Infact i love you. And i was hoping Bea would pull something off like that, because i just wanted to be alone with you." I wanted to cry. How did i not realise those mutual feelings from a long time ago. I looked at his soft, pink lips and back at his eyes which got deeper and intense. He noticed and in that moment, our lips merged in a romantic kiss that would touch my heart forever. Zayn loved me. He really did. Finally.
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