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  • Pre-Owned 1906 Illinois Railroad 18 size Gold Filled Pocket Watch - (23J) 24J Bunn Special
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    Pre-Owned 1906 Illinois Railroad 18 size Gold Filled Pocket Watch - (23J) 24J Bunn Special
    For many collectors and serious pocket watch connoisseurs, the Bunn Special timepiece featured in today's offering needs no introduction... Having established a reputation as one of the top tier Railroad Watches because of its durability, simplicity, and care taken in the manufacture of its movement, the 23 jewel Bunn Special's unique qualities have landed it among the highly collectible vintage American pocket watches. The 24J Bunn Special served as one of the Illinois Watch Company's highest offerings from the period, manufactured during a the golden era of the United State's ascent to world leadership during the industrial age. As one of Illinois' highest grade timepieces, it incorporated the finest technical features available, packaged into an ultra-dependable and highly precise pocket watch. The 24-jewel version came about as watch companies battled to see who could provide the highest jeweled watch to customers. Adding the 24th jewel was simply a marketing ploy, as the jewel was non-functional in the watch.; FINER POINTS; No 1,850,027; Functions Hours, Minutes, Subsidiary Seconds; Dial Enamel, double sunk with Gothic numerals, near perfect with one short hairline by the seconds by 7 o'clock; Hands Original, blue steel, spade; Movement type Extremely high grade keyless pocket chronometer, rhodium plated, decorated, 24 Jewels, adjusted for very accurate timekeeping; Crystal type Mineral glass, antique, excellent condition; Return Policy 7 days from the day it is received. Available in multiple colors and sizes.
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