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&& i l o v e you. . . . ♥;
Heyy gurlls.! Join this group;; We'll havee funnn contests && we'll always be an active group.**i pinkkyy promisee(:♥;;
So hurry && JOIN! ((: ♥ Enturr all your pretttyfull fashion setties, art sets, a some set w/ text about youre guy troubles ♥ lol (:♥
-group started byy Anabel.♥
*made December 5th 2009 ♥
Notes From your mods ♥;**~
Heyy gurlliess(:♥
I madee this groupp becausee it was the last grouup i can makee,so all my polyybesties are modds. They're still a feww missing thoo :O
Pleasee jooin this grouup becausee iloveeyouu && you'll never regret itt(:♥
Heyy! This is ღƘʀɪƨτǝη;;*, one of your mods!
Just wanted to say that you will all have an awesome time in this group!
Keep up the great creating!
♥ Kristen
Ligia♥ (co-mod)
hey hey hey! have fun, and imma try to help to make this group super awesome with creativity(: i'll try to come up with some fun contest to enter, so remember to enter them! and if you have a question p.m me or one of the other lovely mods. i love you♥
Heeeeey its Victoria. Best mod ever. jk (:
thanks for joiningggg! love you all♥
:D Gigi is evil, isn't she?
&hearts Hi, it's :)Cass. I <333 this group and I can't wait to get it started! I was chosen to be a mod because Anabel ♥ &I used to be besties on my ther account but then i got a new one..&hearts So yeah, this is my way of starting over and thanks so much for all of the faves! ;D
Hiyaa it's Celisaa ♥:
I lalalovee this group, so join? =) ♥
Contest Lineup-
First Contest.! ♥;((:- Anabel
»☆ A set that relects the lovely YOU :)- Victoria
The Boots With The Fuuurrrr. :)- Gigi
*Pretty in PiNK ♥- Kristen
Premades;;♥- Celisa
Trophyy.♥- Anabel
Dress up a plain white dress -Betty
&&&hearts*- Juicyy Couture.. &hearts -Cass
Quotes;;♥- Celisa
SiteeModels;♥ - Anabel.
&&FL0WERS -Cassidy
THINKING....- Victoria
PuRpLe♥ - Ligia
Quote me, dearie!~Gigi
&&Layers ♥- Celisa
Summer Love ♥ - Danielle
......-Victoria :D
idkk yett- anabel(:♥
Daisy Dukes Bikinis on Top ♥ - Danielle
not sure yet! - Reilllly :)!
** just add your name and the name of the contest you're doing to the bottom of the list if you want to be next in line! && contest can onlyy be THREE dayys longg. Unless its likee a special typee of contest && you PM me about it {{anabel}} ♥
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  • 13,464 sets