Iluminada Etain

Iluminada "Lumi" Etain is a post-graduate student at Carcosa university. She came from a very conservative, traditional, somewhat archaic family just down the coast from the town, and she worked damn hard to get her first degree in Ancient Languages and Archaeology, and even harder to get to study beyond that first degree. At Carcosa, she's both one of a fairly small number of female students (the university only recently having become enlightened to the equality of the sexes) and one of very few Ancient culture students, as many of her predecessors and class-mates, teachers even, have an odd habit of vanishing in gruesome circumstances. Lumi loves it, though, and wouldn't change it for the world. As neurotic, academic and temperamental, analytical, rational, scientific, one part romantic to nine parts cynical, as she can be, she's finally found somewhere she calls home. She can't deny that there's something strange about Carcosa, but she doesn't want to upset her university, so she's mainly turned a blind eye to it. She can't help but think that digging into Carcosa's mysteries might be a very bad idea - that doesn't make them any less intriguing, though. In fact, Lumi's spent a good amount of time with trainee librarian Archibald Smalls, pouring over the university's tomes of ancient lore, purportedly for her studies, and she thinks she might be close to a breakthrough. Recently she nearly died at the hands of The Abomination, a serial killer who has been plaguing the towns of this gloomy coast. She wishes she could remember something, anything about her assailant - but in her waking mind, everything's a blur. Meanwhile, she's plagued by horrible nightmares, replaying that day. She seriously hopes he (she? it?) won't be back to finish what they started. Let's be frank - she's suffering from some pretty major trauma from the event, still walks with a limp, and has flashbacks which she can't explain. She's a bit morbid and melancholic at the minute, and finds the sea oddly hypnotic. She has just adopted a little silver tabby named Mephistopheles, a former stray who she loves a great deal already and is frequently found by her side. He makes her feel safer and happier after her trauma, which is no bad thing -- but she can't help but feel she can't let her guard down just yet, and feels that this is just the beginning of the creepy mysteries Carcosa has to offer.

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