♔ [name] Camille Leblanc
-model; Adriana Lima
-likes; status, money, gossip about her, boys, sex, shopping, parties, subjects.
-bio; Camille is beautiful, popular, and has a mother-ly feel about her. She is kind to her lower subjects, unless they annoy her. She sleeps around, because she can. She parties endlessly, because she can. She was a Spanish Chica adopted at one year old by her French fathers. One, a world renown fashion magazine editor, and the other a famous French cuisine chef. She is loyal to her friends and sticks up for what she believes in. But she doesn't believe in much... Her spanish madre in Barcelona abandonded her. According to Jean luc, her older dad, she was a partier. She was knocked up from one of her many lovers... Camille doesn't worry about it though. She's been a lucky girl. 
-taken by: .S▲Y. WH▲T. U . W▲NT. ((Hopefully!))
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