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Buffy Summers | 16 | Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Bio: Way back when, in the sunniest spot of California, little Buff was born. Pigtails and lollipops, she (at first) seemed nothing more than a little girl. But then things started to change. Slowly, merry little Buffy became an athlete. She ditched the pigtails for ponys and she traded in the lollipops for some pompoms. She was the ultimate girl-next-door. Although she always was lacking in the brains department, Buffy was the knidest person in the room and never once forgot her values (hell, even when the most popular girl in school tried to befriend her, Buff ditched the plastic for a wallflowered bookworm). Buffy stayed as an innocent tease to the highschool boys until the day she turned fifteen, where she got a call from the mysterious Officer Giles. She was recruited into the FBI as a field agent...in Stockholm. She had absolutely no idea how this came about but after two meetings, Buffy knew she was born to slay evil. She was referred as "the chosen one" by her coworkers because she was the youngest member ever to be recruited on the squad and she couldn't have been happier. But now the best on the team is having trouble stopping crime /and/ memorizing the quadratic equation. Not to mention her delicious partner in crime /or/ the rogue agent she can't seem to keep her eyes off of. So for now, Buffy (along with her two best friends Willow and Alexander) are trekking through the monstrosity of highschool and coping with the difficulties being a field agent brings to a hormonal sixteen year old. 

Model: Hailey Clauson
Why you should get this role: I've watched every single episode of Buffy and it's safe to say that she's my rolemodel. Sure, she's locked to the brim full of cheesy clichés but theres just this spark about her that makes me want to do everything I can to be like her. I also think her story and the plots around her have enough for me to work with and will give me a magnificent base to work off of.

Top 3 desired characters:
Gossip Girl (BUT NOT DAN)-Gossip Girl TV Series
Clary Fray-City of Bones
Bliss Cavendar-Whip It

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"Sorry I'm late" I huff, dropping my backpack onto the floor and taking a seat in the office. The other FBI members glare at me, two or three of the girls giggling. Agent Giles cracks a grin. "Thank you for joining us, Agent Summers" He regains his composure, turning on the projector. At least seventeen different pictures show up, all of different young women. "This is our newest case. 20 girls. All in Stockholm." He shakes his head with pity before taking a seat at the head of the table. I raise my hand and I hear a scoff from somewhere distant.

"What are the ages of these girls?" I ask, staring at the blonde on the screen, her face illy massacred with what was approximately a 13 inch kitchen knife. "All either the ages 17-18" He responds. The gears in my head are churning.

"And no connections on schools?" 
"The same school." Agent Jennings added. I nodded, considering this.
"All senior year?"
"Yes, Agent."

I tap my lucky Hello Kitty pencil (though it was nothing but a nub now) idly on the glass desk, making the facial expressions of some of the Agents twinge but I was too focussed to care. Steady rhythms helped me focus. "Isn't it college application season? I know that's what's going on in my school right now." I get confused murmurs of my responses. 

"Agent Briar, could you check to see where all of these girls were applying to and see if there are any similarities?" I ask. She nods, typing mile long codes into the keyboard, eyes reflecting the blue-white screen. "We have a match" she said, eagerly. "They all got accepted into MIT"

"Perfect. Browning, limit the search to people within their school who applied to MIT but got denied. Girl or guy. I'll find the rest out later." I concluded, gathering up my things. Giles sent me a beam of pride. 

"Now if you excuse me, I'm going to be late for algebra."

• • •

"Willow I still don't get this" I moan, dropping my head onto the desk. She gives a little frilly laugh—the only one she's capable of—and drops her long red-blonde hair over her shoulder. "It's not that difficult, Buff! You're calculator is doing most of the work anyway. Just isolate y!" I sigh inwardly, propping myself back up on the chair and staring blankly at the blackboard. 

"Could you guys keep it down? Some of us are trying to get some work done" Cordelia turned around, hissing. A "Vote Cordie for Vice President!" pin sparkled on her cashmere cardigan. I glowered. Ever since I picked Willow over her, Cordelia was trying to make my life like a hellmouth. "Sorry, Cordelia" Willow said shyly, ducking her head down at her work. Cordelia glowed with victory and spun around. 

"You guys, quit embarrassing me in front of Cordelia!" Alexander nudged me in the arm, sending my pencil flying. I scrambled to pick it up. "I don't know why you even like her, Zander. She's so mean" Willow said, frowning at the back of Cordie's silky head. Zander sighed wistfully. "She's perfect" he droned.


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