People Down Here Think I'm Crazy, But I Don't Care, Trials And Tribulations, I've Had My Share, There Ain't Nothing Gonna Stop Me Now Cause I'm Almost There...A Tiana Collection

The ninth in the 13 girl Disney princess official line-up, Tiana from Disney's The Princess and the Frog
My modern day Tiana is a professional waitress, perfectionist, and hardworking dreamer. She's the obsessive to detail type of worker who is really good at her job and doesn’t have many friends due to her eyes always being on the prize. Her personal style is colorfully influenced by the brightness of New Orleans but still professional.
For her closet I choose to infuse southern belle with country cutie while still being the good girl look. The colors I choose were primarily shades of green and yellow but lots of floral added for a more lively appearance, along with some little swamp creature accessories. There are just as many brunch appropriate dresses as there are jeans for her very busy life. –Snow White –Cinderella –Aurora –Ariel –Belle -Jasmine –Pocahontas –Mulan –Tiana –Rapunzel –Merida –Anna –Elsa –Alice –Wendy –Shanti –Anita –Eilonwy –Esmeralda –Meg –Jane –Kida –Lilo –Giselle –Charlotte –Vanollepe

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