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name: Marah Hudson
age: 18
birthday: December 3
year: Freshman 
major: Photomedia 
hometown: Seattle, Washington
style: Rocker street. Likes black, leather jackets, boots, and studs 
biography: Marah had a hard childhood and it has made her tough because of it. She has a lot of tattoos and loves to drink and party. She wants to make something of herself. Marah is very into music and photography. You can always see her with a camera. Someday she knows she will be a famous photographer. 
model: freja beha erichsen
taken by: open

Answer these questions in character-
▶Tell us about you.
First things first, I'm not actually a scary person. Don't let the tattoos and the semi-permanent scowl scare you off. Second of all, I'm not a huge fan of talking about myself. And I'm god awful at doing self-intros. This would go better if I had something to drink; I'm rambly when I get high. But I'm Marah Hudson, I usually go by Mars and I'm a fan of aliens and all things unexplainable. Well kind of except not really. I get moodswings easily and get stuck in my perceived sadness sometimes because I can. 
I've lived in Seattle for the whole of my life, and I just recently got into Photomedia at UW which was a little surprising to me, considering the competitiveness of the course. Guess they just really liked my stuff. I've been taking pictures since I could hold a camera properly and it's one of the only ways I could escape my crazy childhood. Painting was a more obvious and less expensive outlet, but I've never learnt how to draw and frankly, don't know if I can. 
I did come from a rough childhood- rougher than most people anyway. I won't say things like my past made me stronger, or it made me who I am today. Because honestly? No one would choose a shitty dad or a mom who doesn't know how to stand up for herself. I didn't want that growing up but it's a part of me, so I accepted it. When circumstances are forced on you, you have no choice but to get stronger. Besides, I'm at a better place now, with actual friends and a future and sh-it. It's hard, but I try not to let my past define who I am. 

▶How do you see yourself and how do others see you?
Eh, most people probably think I'm a deliquent when they see me. I don't really know why though. I mean, yeah, my eyes look kinda fierce when I'm not smiling, and I do have tattoos [16 of 'em]. But I don't get drunk [on a daily basis], I don't smoke weed [very often] and I don't sleep around [much]. Most people, after getting to know me, agree that I'm pretty nice. I'm still not afraid to throw a punch at people who go out of their way to pi-ss me off- I have a mean right hook- but I'm not the kick a puppy for fun kinda person. The thing I'm trying to say is, I'm not a /bad/ person. A little messed up maybe, but not bad. But that's not how most people see me and that's what I've learned to live with. 

Personality wise, I wouldn't call myself mellow. Chill maybe. But mostly it's just indifference. Which is a pessimistic kind of mellow. I just take whatever life has chewed up and spit out at me and just move on. I can never understand how some people make a big deal on human beings doing what is necessary for survival. Call me world weary, that's how it is. My friends also told me that I'm practical, with a sort of wry nature to it. Again, I suppose this happens when you start doing odd jobs when you're really young.
I am a people person. If you get past my initial "scariness" I'm actually easy to talk to. I just keep it at a friendly level with most people because I like having fun and people generally help me achieve that. If I trust you or like you enough, I talk to you. Simple as that. 

▶What is your history? Tell us about life growing up.
My dad was what you would call a professional fraud. We never saw him and when we do, it's when he dumps a fuckin' pile of debts on us, each taking my mom months to pay off. It got so bad we started moving every few months, but he still managed to track us down. Thanks to him I pretty much know Seattle like the back of my hand. But the old geezer's caught now and it's what we've been waiting for. His sorry a-ss deserves to rot in prison. And by the time he comes out, I'll be long gone. 
My mom is not someone I look up to either. We got along, but that was about it. She never looks me in the eye because I looked like my dad, and I despised her lack of backbone. She's a nurse who recently managed to land a rich, very much older than her husband with a string of gold-digging ex-wives. She lives with him in Florida now, but she left me the dingy flat we used to live in which suits me just fine. My college education will be paid off by that old walrus, but as soon as I save up enough money I'm paying him every penny I owe. 
Right now I live alone with my 6 year old Beagle named Chuck in said dingy flat. I'm not at home more often than not, and whatever free time I'm either juggling way too many odd jobs or bumming out at my friends' houses. Pretty cliche story for a streetrat, but it's not like I can help it if my mom chooses to sleep around with douche-bags and old men with sweaty armpits.

▶What are your likes, dislikes, favorite bands, hobbies, ect? 
Likes: photography, sleeping, giraffes, mucking about, stars, alcohol, partying, having a good time, tattoos, scarves, boys, kissing.
Dislikes: judgemental people, being stared at, hats, cats, cold, cheap beer, shoes without shoelaces [but I tolerate them], mornings.
Bands: I listen to a lot of random junk, I just don't like heavy metal or dubstep. My all time favourite band would probably be Gorillaz. Other than that my musical choices feature the Beatles, Linkin Park, Queen, MGMT, Nine Inch Nails, the Smiths, Bowie, the Cure, chemical brothers. I guess I tend to listen to more rock stuff. I like most club music too, though.
Hobbies: This is awkward. No particular hobby really jumps out at me. I mean, besides what I already do, which is photography. Besides digital, I'm branching out into film photography because there's all kinds of cool sh-it you can do in the dark room when you develop the photos. 
And I guess music is kind of like a hobby for me as well? I never go anywhere without my headphones [self-funded, thank you very much] and I've recently started to learn some DJ tricks from my friend. It's pretty awesome. I'd like to say I can sing, but I make angels weep when I do. 
I do like taking really long walks. Especially when it's cold out, which is weird, because I hate the cold. 
I guess I just never had enough free time to really develop a fixed hobby. Maybe working is my hobby. Or hanging out at bars. 
Others: I don't really like reading because I'm more of a visuals person, but I do a lot of it anyway. It keeps my mind off things and fills in the blank spaces when I have nothing to do. It's mostly classic literature or sad depressing stuff. Try Kafka or Palahniuk. I named my dog after him. 
I also don't really love cooking but it has become more of a habit. Mom used to be a night shift nurse so I did most of the cooking for both of us. And I am a pretty good cook. Anything you can ask for I can probably make it. Just no baking. Or chinese.
My fondness for animals generally ends at dogs, but I'm willing to make exceptions for safari animals, because they're cool. Especially giraffes. They're like the aliens of all the animals with their freakishly long neck and weird antenna like things on their head. I love them.

▶Finally, If there was a quote to describe you, what would it be?
"I just don't want to die without a few scars." 

Answer these questions out of character-
▶Why do you want to be apart of this roleplay? 
I was part of SOS before, but I didn't really commit much at that time probably because of school and the fact that I got sick a lot. But the roleplay really got me because it gave me a chance to play normal girls with (somewhat) normal lives in a realistic setting. Not all of the characters are super rich and gorgeous, neither are they all sad with a wretched background or some hidden secret. It's down to earth, which I think is a pretty appropriate phrase to describe this roleplay. And I super want to be a part of this again and just write and concentrate properly on one roleplay character. 

▶What other roleplays are you in and do you think you will be able to make at least one set a week (preferably more)? 
I'm only in Labels and Love and BAI, both of which are on the backburner, so that leaves me plenty of time to write for SOS. I already have 4 or 5 stories planned out!

▶List your top three character and model choices.
I don't really have a top 3. It's pretty much just Mars for me. I've decided that I don't want to play a character like Norah when I could be writing for her sometime on my own when the inspiration hits me! (: Plus all the other characters each have like a gazillion tryouts.

▶Do you have some sort of storyline planned for your character?
Yup! I think I'm really going to be doing more small, subplots. I think sometimes figuring out a main plot for the character kills my mojo, so I've thought of a few subplots, then work from there and see what I can really do with Marah.


"Man, college is going to be off the hook!" 

Something landed on her head and instinctively, Mars reached up only to pull a piece of half-chewed olive out of her hair before dropping it in disgust. Gross. And she didn’t even like them on regular pizza. She flicked the piece of olive at him in retaliation and stuffed the last of her pizza into her mouth in case tractor-mouth's food decides to make a special appearance as well. 

“You know you say that every year, ever since we met.”

“And did I lie?”

"Every year." Mars deadpanned, snatching the last piece of french fry from the plate and wiping her greasy fingers on his pants, earning her two indignant shouts from him. 

It was a typical Friday lunch. Actually, lunch was like this /everyday/. After graduating high school, Mars had spent almost every waking moment with this dork who was trying to balance a fork on his nose. They had even gotten into the same school, but he majored in Dance, which is pretty much the only thing that kept them from being joined at the hip. 

She wasn't convinced that he wanted to be a dancer; he-ll, she wasn't even sure /he/ was convinced that he wanted to be a dancer. But he sure was damn friggin' good at it. It almost wasn't fair how easy things came to him sometimes, but jealousy, amongst many things, don't belong in Mars' dictionary. 

"Ross, do you think we spend wayyyy too much time together?" 

"Aw," he pouted, "don't you want to play with me anymore Marsbars?" What irked Mars was that he knew she hated the name, but he did it anyway just to annoy her. "Besides, you hang out with whats-her-face all the time."

Her coke that he stole while she wasn't paying attention was stolen back just as quickly with an additonal kick to his shins. "Her name is Iggy and /you used to DATE her/!" 

"It's Agnes, actually." Ross corrected, now brandishing a soggy french fry- which she loved-that he had swiped from an unsuspecting kid. "And that's precisely why we can't be around each other anymore. I think she wants to kill me for breaking her heart."

It was a game they all played. Iggy would pretend she hated Ross while mending her broken heart, and Ross would.. well, he was just Ross. But they tolerate and were civil to each other, which was more than what Mars could ever hope for. Because that's how they rolled and it would kill her if the dynamics of their so called little group was broken. It was already barely hanging by the invisible threads as it was. 

If only she learned then how unusual and twisted the universe worked. 

[also I would love to get in but I wouldn't mind too terribly if I don't get in. I've got some great ideas for her and I'm just gonna write for her on the side, maybe change the name or something since it won't be used. Because I just love a charcter named Mars :3]
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