Rowan shifted nervously in her seat as the train slowed to come into the platform. At only ten, and newly come to Earth, she was apprehensive about being alone. Thankfully her Cepan was meeting her when she got off the train; she wouldn't have be to alone anymore. 
 The train jerked a little as it came to a full stop. Rowan grabbed her bag from under her seat and clutched it to her chest, waiting for an attendant to tell her it was all right to disembark. A dark haired woman, in the uniform of the train company, soon did come, and held out her hand.
 "Come on, dear. We're at your stop," she smiled. Rowan liked this woman, she had been nice to her during the ride from Jefferson City. The woman had made sure she was safe (and had given her candy). 
 As Rowan was led to the platform, she looked around at all the bustling people, moving here and there, busy and unresponsive to anything but their own business. Rowan took a picture out of her jacket pocket, one of a middle-aged man with prematurely white hair. Her new Cepan. The one originally planned for her had disappeared suddenly, so a replacement had quickly been chosen, the only catch was that she had to meet him in another city. She looked around, still grasping the train employees hand, for the man.
 "Hello Rowan," she turned quickly and saw the man from her picture standing before her. He knelt to be at her level. "I'm Devin," he smiled. 
"Hello," the nice woman held out her other hand to Devin. "You are Devin McConnell?" The man nodded. "I need you to go over a few confirmation questions before you can take her, just policy." The woman smiled, leading Devin and Rowan into the big station. Rowan looked around in awe. The station was huge, so much bigger than the one she had traveled from. 
 Rowan didn't have to wait long for the formalities to be done. Devin came out and sat next to her on the bench where she had been placed. 
"I'm going to take care of you now, Rowan." 

7 years later, in New Zealand:

 "Rowan, if you aren't patient, you won't be able to get it of you don't concentrate." Devin raised an eyebrow at his student. Rowan sighed and flopped down into a bean bag chair, exhausted from her failed attempts at teleportation. 
"It's too hard. Why can't it all the legacies be as easy as this?" She flipped light between her hands, showing off her Lumen ability. Devin shook his head and gave Rowan a look. 
 "You're only 17, Row, you're not done discovering your full potential." Rowan pushed her lip out in a pout.
"Couldn't we just skip the rest of the day and go play?" She asked. Devin leaned forward in his seat, his face a mask of seriousness, but there was a twinkle in his eye.
"You know that the school doesn't allow students to leave without permission, even with their Cepans." He stated. 
"Yet, somehow, Chris manages to leave all the time, without Landon!"
Devin frowned. "Yes, but I know for a fact Landon is trying his best to curb that habit." 
"Come on! Let's go to the beach! It's too beautiful a day to be stuck inside the estate!" Rowan jumped up and grabbed Devin's hands, pulling him up, and dragged him to the door. 
"All right! I'll tell the Headmaster something." Rowan squealed in delight, giving Devin a hug.
 "I'll go get my bathing suit!" 


"Rowan! Run!" 
Rowan tried to fun, but found her legs paralyzed. She tried to use Lumen, spitting fire from her hands, on their attacker. He ducked, and kept on coming. Rowan saw Devin get up from where he had been thrown on the sand. He ran, putting himself between her and the assailant like a shield. She immediately felt the paralysis on her legs start to grow weaker, and she scrambled to get up. 
"GO, ROW, GO!" Devin shouted. He ran at the man who had assaulted them, tackling him to the ground. Rowan ran, she ran as fast as she could. She could hear the blows being traded between Devin and the other man, hard, terrible blows, and she knew Devin wouldn't last long against him. Her thoughts raced as as fast as her heart, wondering what to do. She had enough power, she could go back and help. She was scared, though. The man had come upon them so suddenly, instantly attacking them as they had been swimming. 
 She stopped running when she reached a rocky outcropping, turning to watch what was happening. Devin was faltering, the man had beaten him to the ground, and now stood over him, pummeling him with hard blows to the head. Rowan sobbed, whimpering Devin's name, trying to figure out what to do. She tried reaching out with her mind to her cousin, who she knew could hear her. It was no use, though. No help would come in time. She looked back down to the beach. Devin had stopped moving, but the man kept hitting him, again and again. 
 It was too much. She had to go help. She ran as fast as she could back to where the attacker was, hitting him hard, and thereby knocking him off Devin. She started to try to hit the man with lightning, her master legacy starting to show itself. The attacker dodged and weaved her strikes, she doubled them in response. The entire beach became blinding. 
 The man knew he couldn't accomplish his goal like this, it would kill both of them. He ran away, muttering and cursing to himself. 
 As soon as she felt his presence leave the beach, Rowan's lightning attacks stopped. She collapsed on the shore in a near faint. She saw Devin's body laying a few feet away from her, she shook herself awake and crawled closer to him. 
"Devin? Dev wake up." She pulled on his right arm; he didn't stir. "Devin! Devin, he's gone. He's gone, come on." She became more frantic as she stared into his bloody face, as she realized he wasn't going to wake up.
"No, no, no, Dev! Devin! Wake up!" She shouted at him, pulling on his wetsuit. She heard sirens in the background. She sobbed loudly, crying out in pain, grief, and disbelief. The sirens grew closer, and she could feel herself starting to drift into unconsciousness. 
 "Devin, don't leave me." Was her last thought before she blacked out. 

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