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Sorry I took an unannounced break for so long, but I had finals to study for. This is the longest I've been away from polyvore in a while, and I'm happy to be back:) I just got done with finals today at 9:30 a.m. and am so happy they are over! I barely got any sleep all week so I'll probably take a nap in a few minutes. Junior year finals are impossible, I'm pretty sure I failed my honors latin and physics final aaaaargh. since i got home so early from school I got caught up on pretty little liars (this season is even better than the last! aria dad's and mona creep me out though lol), new girl (hilarious!), and scrolled through polyvore and lookbook. tonight I'll probably work out since I haven't worked out in a while and am starting to get pretty chubby, and then go to bed early, I have a lot of sleep to get caught up on!
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