I was tagged by lovely @lilybean and I had to tell 10 random facts about me.

So, here we go!
1. I love the sound of ice cubes cracking in warm water. Really, I just love that!

2. The first thing the nurse said after my birth was: "Wow, she has big feet!"

3. I can spend hours in another world. This can be while I read a book or while I daydream. 

4. I love pillows. In green, yellow, orange or other colours and different patterns. My bed is full of them and when I wake up in the morning half of them lays on the floor. Wait, let me count.. I own... 13. 

5. I hate gold accessories. Always reminds me of grandmas. 

6. I think dreams are amazingly interesting and I even had some dreams that came true the other day.

7. I love series, like Scrubs, HIMYM and The Big Bang Theory. I know all episodes, but I still watch them again and again.

8. I have a birth mark looking like a fox. And nobody can catch the motherfcking fox.

9. I once had my ears pierced, but they grew together again.

10. Many years ago I had a bubblegum stuck in my hair. We cut that part, it still didn't grow again. :D

Oh, this was hard! 
And I tag @elizarose11 and @audrey1961.
You don't have to do it, but it'd be cool!

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