I just spent two hours drawing characters for my comic. I completely forgot that I had hair dye and now half my scalp is on fire. Someone bring halp. 

. . . 

Born under Callisto (Fire)

Character Notes: 
• Passionate and stubborn, Marie is the one that is always trying her best to lighten up the moon when things go awry. 
• Clumsiness is her signature trait; often proven via her tendency to lose a limb or two either on a mission or during her many efforts to fix some of the mechanical equipment. (Her fingers usually bite the dust). 
• Also known to be the most emotional in the group as well as empathetic; Likes to believe she is the mom of the group but often ends up being treated like the youngest child. 
• Despite being the keeper of one of the most dangerous and destructive element, she doesn't seem to be very true to that aspect of her powers. Instead she is warm and friendly, always eager to help those in need. 
• Much to her chagrin, has a tendency to tag along with Ben on his many misadventures (solely out of boredom)  and reluctantly splits the blame with him when caught. 

Character's Powers: 
• Fire Manipulation (pyrokinesis) 
• Heat Generation 
• Healing (+ Rapid Cell Regeneration) 

Character's Interests: 
• Drawing, romance novels, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, learning new things, going on adventures, finding a cure for boredom, not losing fingers, pancake breakfasts, cats. 

Character Aesthetic: 
• Messy hair, graphic tees, blood stains, scented candles, kind smiles, freckles skin, sunsets, cats, chipped nail polish. 

Character's Family: 
• James Paquin / Father
• Hannah Paquin/ Mother

• Stephen Paquin / Grandfather
• Annette Paquin / Grandmother (deceased) 
• Amy George / Cousin (fc: Bella Thorne) 

(fc: Luca Hollestelle)
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